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Johnny Rotten appeared before Judge Judy in 1997, and she'd never heard of him before!

Lead singer of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited, John Lydon (also known as Johnny Rotten) appeared before TV's Judge Judy on charges of assault and breach of contract in 1997. He was being sued by the former drummer of P.I.L., Robert Williams. The hearing lasted a very short time.

Judge Judy seemed to find the matter slightly amusing and also seemed to like Lydon despite the fact that she had to instruct him to be quiet on a few occasions. She had no idea who he was and had never heard of his band! She said: "I don't know of this band. This last band I heard was Lawrence Welk… Jimmy Dorsey… Tommy Dorsey… I don't know. Those are bands!"

She said that Williams was a "nudnick" who expected too much order in a chaotic world that is the music business. She suggested he should get himself a nice, quiet office job as it seemed the music industry was not for him.

After that she dismissed the case and John Lydon did not have to pay Williams a cent. In 2008 Lydon was again charged, this time for beating a woman in Los Angeles because his hotel room was not to his liking.


Jackie Chan was abandoned by his parents in 1949 when they fled to Hong Kong, and he didn't discover some of their darker secrets until much later in life

Although Jackie Chan is a famous film star and always looks happy and friendly, his early childhood was far from that. When his parents fled mainland China for Hong Kong after the Communists came to power in 1949, they left Jackie and his siblings behind.

Unfortunately this was very common at that time in China, children being left on the Mainland to fend for themselves. And his parents were no average workers.

His mother was an opium smuggler, a gambler and a big sister in the underworld. His father was a spy. They met when his father arrested his mother for smuggling opium. Jackie was shocked to find this out because he never knew these things about his mother and only found out when doing research for a documentary film called 'Traces of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and His Lost Family.'

The documentary explores the actor's past and reveals these devastating family secrets. Chan cried several times when watching the rough cut, but has not yet sat through the completed film. The movie will most likely end up on the film festival circuit.


Dolly Parton has donated over 40,000,000 books to children worldwide!

It’s a little known fact that Dolly Parton has launched a charity targeted towards small children. The charity is called ‘Imagination Library’, and has changed the lives of children worldwide. Imagination Library donates age appropriate books to children under the age of 5 to help them improve literacy skills, and get them excited about reading.

Since the charity launched in 1996, literacy scores for young children in the areas that Dolly Parton has donated books have actually gone up significantly. The books are donated to 1600 communities, to around 700,000 children each and every month.

Dolly Parton says this charity is important for the world to have because she says it makes books readily available for children who can not necessarily afford them, and gets them to read on a regular basis.


Some awesome lists!

Disney has an underground command center that keeps tabs on waiting times. It employs creative tactics to keep visitors waiting times as low as possible.

Disney Parks are renowned for running extremely efficiently. One of their greatest goals is to never break the illusion they're trying to create within the park. While it's very seamless from a visitor standpoint, the reality is that it's an extremely complicated operation.

Underneath Cinderella Castle there is a bunker called the Disney Operational Command Center. It houses the staff charged with organizing every last bit of the park and making sure that guests are never frustrated with their experience at Disney. 

They monitor every queue in the park. They know when a ride is starting to fill up and they can send a message to the operators to deploy additional cars to handle the larger capacity. If an area is too full, they'll send a mini-parade on the way to lead people to areas that are less full. They'll also send in-costume characters to lines that are long in order to entertain guests. 

A surprising stat? In recent years, the average Magic Kingdom visitor is only able to go on 9 rides. Even with all the techniques that the new center has employed, they were only able to raise that average to 10. Have you ever noticed these kinds of crowd-management techniques at Disney rides? Tell us in the comments!


Javier Bardem hates senseless violence so much he can't watch violent movies--despite playing a psychopathic killer in No Country for Old Men

Spanish actor Javier Bardem hates senseless violence so much that he usually leaves the movie theater as soon as there is too much unnecessary violence in a film. This may seem very ironic as he played the role of Anton Chigurh, a mysterious, psychopathic killer in the movie 'No Country for Old Men' and as such had to portray violence over and over again.

When questioned about that in an interview, Bardem said: "I felt more secure that the movie was going to transcend in the sense that we were telling you a very violent story in a very violent way in order to bring violence to the table and to talk about it and think about it. That's…what, in my opinion, the movie brings. It's what makes the difference between it being just a violent movie or a movie that talks about violence in a violent way. When violence has a reason to be there in order to explain something it's OK. Most of the time it's totally gratuitous and I just don't want to see those movies."

Bardem had to put a lot of effort into the role because he could barely speak any English and does not drive a car. He usually makes up back stories for his character, but because Chigurh is so mysterious and just appears, he felt creating a background for him would take something away from the character.

Bardem won the Academy Award for Best Supporting actor for his role as Anton Chigurh.



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