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Seinfeld still makes a ton of money, even though they're all reruns!

It's been nearly two decades since “Seinfeld” brought the world laughter, smiles, and class-A entertainment while providing absolutely no storyline whatsoever.

It turns out that even in recent times, Jerry Seinfeld's show still brings the laugh—and the money. He's still one of the top ranking comedians in terms of earning.

The show's 180-episodes still brings in a lucrative $3 billion in syndication royalties!

The show was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld himself. It ran for 9 seasons, originally airing on July 5, 1989 and the final episode airing May 14, 1998.

It was critically hailed as a top comedy and a cultural phenomenon. It led the Neilson ratings in its 6th and 9th season and finished in the top two every year from 1994 to 1998.

It was even heralded as the greatest television show of all time by TV Guide in 2002.

It's no wonder that running the show again, even in this new era of reality shows and award-worthy dramas, the show still makes a ton.


Al-Qaeda's website was hacked, and what the hackers did was hilarious!

Just imagine the look of surprise on an al-Qaeda member's face when they thought they were loading a tutorial on how to "make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" but actually got a recipe for mojito cupcakes.

Famed British intelligence agency MI6 hacked 'Inspire,' the first English-language Jihadist online magazine, early last year but their cheeky content-swapping mission has only just been made public now.

As the story goes, they swapped potentially-destructive bomb-making tutorials with jumbled-up code for the Ellen DeGeneres talk show website, which contained cupcake recipes from Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio.

Recipes for delicious-sounding mojito and rocky road cupcakes contained the caveat "Warning: Sugar rush ahead!" Better watch out for those dangerous cupcakes!


Cake frosting is healthier for you than Nutella!

Nutella is one of the great tasting spreads you can pick up at your local supermarket. Beware, once you pop the top of it, it's tough to stop!

The delicious, chocolatey almond spread was originally seen as being a great substitute for peanut butter, but a recent study found out you may as well spread chocolate cake frosting on your toast instead.

ABC looked into Nutella and other unhealthy foods and made a starling discovery: it's about as healthy as the Milky Way candy bar.

One tablespoon of Nutella contains 100 calories, 6 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat and 11 grams of sugar.

In comparison, generic cake frosting has 75 calories, 3 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat and 7.5 grams of sugar. Cake frosting is officially healthier!

Nutella was taken to court for advertising it as a healthy breakfast treat and lost to the woman. They also settled a class-action lawsuit regarding the healthy advertising for $2.5 million. Anyone who bought Nutella from January 2008 to February 3, 2012 was entitled to a piece of the settlement. Contact your lawyer today!


Some awesome lists!

Every starting Texas Hold 'em poker hand has a nickname!

Poker players love making up catchy and clever nicknames for the best and worst hands in Texas Hold 'em, but many would be surprised to find out that every single starting hand of two cards, down to the suit, has a nickname.

Some of them are pretty funny too!

The common names, such as “Big Slick” for an Ace and King card as well as Bullets for two Aces, are known throughout professional and amateur players alike.

The names are used when players announce their hand or by announcers to help spectators learn what the hands are.

Some personal favorites include “Jackass” which is imitative of “Jack-Ace” or the “Rounders Hand” after the Ace and 9 from the movie by the same movie. There's no doubt poker players are a creative bunch to create so many nicknames for every possible combination.

There would be even more awe if anyone managed to memorize all of them, though they would get pretty annoying pretty fast.


There is a legitimately made beer named 'Fucking Hell'. How did they get away with this?

Freedom of speech is generally granted in most modern nations, but there are always certain restrictions such as yelling "fire" in a crowded place.

Free speech doesn't completely apply to names of goods, as there are some restrictions on this (for good reason).

Despite this, you'd still be able to order a pint of Fucking Hell, a German Pilsner or pale lager brewed by the Waldhaus Brewery located in the Black Forest. How could they get away with this name?

The beverage is named after the village of Fucking in Austria, and hell is the german word for "pale" and is typically used to describe this kind of beer. Because of this, it's a completely legal name, though that didn't stop people from objecting to it.

Both the local authorities in Fucking and the European Union's Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office initially objected to the name. The Mayor of Fucking was against it as it wasn't going to be brewed in Fucking.

The trademark was initially denied, but after the founders argued their case, it was granted. These two also claim that they intend to use the brand name to produce Fucking Hell branded food and clothing, so look for it in a store near you!



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