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Southwest Airlines requires obese passengers to buy an extra seat when flying!

Let’s face it…if you’re like most Americans, your behind is expanding faster than you’d like. Obesity is a growing epidemic (pun intended), and businesses are being forced to recognize the changing…body of consumers. Airlines in particular are having to accommodate the needs of larger passengers, sometimes even resulting in a financial loss for an already crippled industry.

Southwest Airlines has a whole webpage dedicated to “customers of size,” those persons whose derriere measures greater than 17” (the width of their seats.) If you think you may be encroaching on that measurement, better read up on their FAQ’s before boarding. Southwest asks those persons who require extra room to purchase an additional seat prior to boarding, allowing the airline to know exactly how many seats are needed for a flight. (This will save embarrassment at the gate should the “customer of size” be approached by an agent and asked outright if seating accommodations are necessary.) Luckily (for now at least), the cost of the extra seat will always be refunded, even if the flight is full.


60% of the US Military branches have Starship Troopers on their reading list!

Starship Troopers, is an incredibly popular science fiction novel, and it's legacy has stretched into the depths of modern militaries. Over fifty years after it was first publicized, Starship Troopers can be found on the reading lists of the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, and the United States Air Force. It is the first science fiction novel recommended on three out of five military branches.

Some of the policies that the military has adopted straight from the book, is the idea that the military should be an all volunteer, high tech strike force. When the book was publicized, military forces were almost all conscripted, and Starship Troopers changed that.

In fact, the book is so influential on the United States military that in 2002, a marine General described the future of marine corps uniforms and equipment as "needing to emulate the Mobile Infantry", the soldiers from the novel!


In certain 'Super Mario' games, Mario can swim through lava! Do you know which ones?

Mario and Luigi have saved the Mushroom Kingdom over and over again, yet their games never seem to bore the average person. Perhaps it's because of the legacy that great games such as 'Super Mario Bros. 3' left behind that people feel nostalgic and kiddish when playing the games of the franchise. However, 'Super Mario Bros. 3' left behind a number of 'legacies' that most people don't know about! Here are some examples.

After 47 lunges at Mario, the chains of the Chomps will begin to flash. On the 50th lunge, the Chain Chomp will break free and attack Mario! Don't hang around too long taunting those massive creatures!

In one of the Mario levels, the second stage in World 8 to be exact, Mario can successfully swim in the lava without losing a life! With enough practice and patience, you can have Mario swim under all the ships until he reaches the end of the level!


Some awesome lists!

Music lovers have nothing on this DJ that played for over 5 days straight!

Grab your turntables, glow sticks, and sleeping bag, because there was once a DJ set that lasted 132 hours and 30 minutes—that totals out to be an incredible five and a half days straight!

And no, he wasn't just doing it for the love of the music, he was set out to break a record that actually exists as the longest DJ set of all time.

DJ Smokin Joe Mekhael started his set on December 16, 2011 and didn't bother to stop spinning records until five and a half days later on December 22nd, 2011.

He recorded the whole thing to send to the officials at the Guinness Book of Records, who took months to authenticate it. The previous record holder was set by DJ King from Brazil, who lasted through five days of playing rap music.

If you think five and a half days was bad, the DJ marathon master decided to break his own record a mere year later by playing 168 hours (or seven days) straight. He rightfully owns the title of Marathon DJ Champion of the World.


A Chicago Police Officer tortured more than 200 suspected criminals to get false confessions out of them!

Jon Burge is a decorated military veteran. He has earned a purple heart, bronze star, two Army Commendation Medals for valor for pulling wounded men to safety while under enemy fire.

He served in Vietnam, and claims to have never taken part in the brutal interrogations that took place during the war. He was honorably discharged on August 25, 1969.

Burge joined the Chicago Police force in 1970, and he seemed like the perfect candidate for the job. However, allegations that Burge was torturing suspects began to arise in 1972.

Suspected criminals were making claims that Burge would handcuff them to objects for days at a time, shooting pets, and holding a gun to the head of minors.

After many investigations, including one involving a man who was burned and beaten severely, who had to be hospitalized as a result of his wounds while in police custody, it was found that Burge had tortured around 200 suspected criminals, most of which were either black and hispanic.

Burge was convicted on October 21, 2008 and faces up to 40 years in prison.



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