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There's a scientific reason you want to pinch cute things. Find out here!

Puppies, kittens, and those adorable little babies better beware—if you're far too cute you inspire some serious aggression! Run for your lives! Nobody's chubby, squeezable cheeks are safe from the pinching that would put your grandmother's to shame!

Research at Yale University tells us how merely seeing something cute brings on a strong, aggressive feeling, known as “cute aggression” (a rather fitting name). The experiment was to show participants slides of cute, funny, and normal animal pictures while they held bubble wrap in their hands. They were told to pop as many or as few bubbles as they wished while looking at the pictures. Those looking at cute slides popped many more bubbles than the others.

The researches explain that it doesn't mean we want to harm cute things, though some things are simply so cute we can barely stand it. It may actually be a protective response, or the brain venting extreme feelings of happiness. These are just theories, though. We're still not sure why that cat wearing a little butler uniform makes our head want to explode and fingers become clamping lobster claws.


The Land of Ooo, in which 'Adventure Time' is set, is actually a post-apocalyptic Earth!

The Land of Ooo, in which the animated television series ‘Adventure Time’ is set, is actually a post-apocalyptic Earth. It is the home continent of Jake the dog and Finn the human and they share it with their strange friends and enemies. Adventure Time became a viral hit on the Internet and that is why Cartoon Network picked it up for a full-length series. It previewed on March 11, 2010.

According to Pendleton Ward, the creator of the show, the land of Ooo came into being after the global disaster of the great Mushroom War that left Earth destroyed. This is why there are so many ruined pieces of modern technology scattered across the land. Ward said Finn may very well be the only human left in Ooo. The other humans were either all killed during the Mushroom War, or they mutated into the varied inhabitants of the planet as a result.

There are many languages spoken in Ooo besides English. The Rainicorns speak Korean, the Flame King speaks some French and Spanish, Latin and German is spoken by some of the characters in certain episodes.

The land is divided into many different kingdoms. The most important of these kingdoms are the Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Castle Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Fire Kingdom, and Cloud Kingdom.


Popeye might have been on to something. Spinach has just as much protein as steak!

While it was primarily seen by adults as a method to get children to begin eating more spinach, the popular cartoon “Popeye the Sailor” might have actually had more truth to it than most people realize. Calorie per calorie, the green that children hate to love and parents love to give to their children has just as much protein as in a sirloin steak.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should simply cut out meat and replace it with spinach, nor does that portray the whole picture. As a matter of fact, it is missing one important aspect. To achieve the amount of protein you benefit from in a steak, you would have to eat a very large portion of spinach. As a matter of fact, you might need to eat about 10 pounds of spinach for this to happen, and too much of anything is a bad thing, even if it's a good thing.

Spinach contains an organic acid that absorbs calcium. Too much of the stuff without good calcium intake and your bones can begin to deteriorate as a result. Popeye responsibly.


Some awesome lists!

UPS didn't receive a warm welcome in Germany when they expanded there. Find out why!

What can brown do for you? Well, for one thing, they can change the color of their uniform if you live in Germany! The iconic brown uniform UPS delivery drivers wear didn't go over so well due to the resemblance to Nazi Youth Group uniforms. That didn't go over well!

UPS expanded their reach to Germany in 1976, upsetting the locals with the brown shirts. UPS decided to defuse the tensions by changing the uniforms to green.

The original brown color was an exercise in pragmatism since they wouldn't show dirt as easily. Originally co-founder Jim Casey wanted fleets of yellow trucks, but Charles W. Soderstrom managed to change his mind with the sound logic.

Speaking of green, UPS managed to go greener when they optimized their routes for right-hand turns instead of sitting at intersections waiting to make a left-hand turn. They managed to save 10 million gallons in the first year, keeping a whopping $35 million in their pockets. If you're an avid driver, try switching your turn signal and save a few gallons!


Michelangelo was an amazing artist—even when it came to his grocery list!

There's nothing worse that getting to the grocery store and realizing you have no idea what to buy. That long, comprehensive list you made is sitting on your counter at home. We all need it to keep track of our weekly meals and needs. Even Michelangelo had a grocery list he sent with his servants—who were illiterate. Good thing Michelangelo is an artist!

Michelangelo is a 15th century Renaissance artist that lived from 1475 to 1564. He is best known for the sculptures “Pieta” and “David,” both completed before he turned 30. As for paintings, he is credited with “The Last Judgement” on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel. Yet, even as a man is such incredible artistic abilities had to use his talents to draw food to buy from the grocer.

One of the lists still exists and is in an exhibit titled “Michelangelo Public and Private: Drawings for the Sistine Chapel and Other Tresures from the Casa Buonarroti.” What a mouthful!



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