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There is poop on the moon and there are people fighting to preserve it!

When you think of the things the first Apollo mission left on the moon, you think of the famous American flag; however, that is not the only thing that was left on the Bay of Tranquility. Neil Armstrong left a pair of his boots, a gold replica of an olive branch, tongs, four armrests, urine collection assemblies, a hammer, an insulating blanket, and... four defecation collection devices. Yes, Neil’s poop stayed back.

There’s a group of extreme heritage conservationists that are concerned about these items’ protection. They fear that one day soon, private enterprises will land on the moon and endanger the Apollo landing site. Their website says that the Federal Government isn’t concerned with their preservation right now and they want people to take action. Want to? Learn more here

No U.S. President has ever been an only child! Does having siblings make your a better leader?

It's tough being a sibling and having your brother or sister achieve so much more than you. It tends to make visiting home for the holidays a bit awkward when they go on and on about all their accomplishments and jobs and you get to sit there stirring your mashed potatoes. Unfortunately for the brothers and sisters of the world, no U.S. President has ever been an only child.

Some speculate that having a sibling makes you smarter, giving you the opportunity to be a good president by teaching you patience and reasoning when they hit, bite, and steal things from you. Turns out that annoying kid can really pay off!

Of course, only children out there shouldn't fret. There is no scientific correlation between a person's intelligence and the number of screaming, snot-nosed brothers or sisters they have running around. It's probably just a strange coincidence and children that are the prince of princess of the family could be just as good of a leader as any of our best presidents.


One of the Gorillaz's biggest hits came by following the instructions in a book called "How To Write a Hit Record".

Bust out your turntables, headphones, and reading glasses. You too can be a hit music maker with the help of a little instructional book! At least, that's all it took for rapper Del The Funky Homosapien to create the verse for the Gorillaz hit song “Clint Eastwood.”

Del hails from the town of Oakland, California where he may just be one of the most skilled rappers in the bay area. He first came onto the scene when he joined his cousin's posse, a recognizable fellow that goes by Ice Cube in the early 1990's. Since then his career has spanned nine solo albums over 2 decades—a rare feat in the rap world.

In 2002 he read a book titled “How to Write A Hit Record” and wrote the lyrics for the Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood.” All he had to do was follow the simple instructions and the song became a sensational success.

It managed to make it to 57 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and ranks 96th on the UK Top 100 Songs of the Decade for 2000-2009.


Some awesome lists!

One of the biggest drug threats of 1997 didn't even exist. Find out why celebrities warned everyone about it!

History isn't just full of stuffy old guys in silly suits talking with strange accents. Some of the best and most creative hoaxes and jokes come from yester-years of all time periods. However, one of the best comes from not too long ago in 1997 when drugs of all kind were everywhere. Who would notice if the one you're talking about was fake?

British satirist Chris Morris is a television, film maker, and prankster extrodinaire. In 1997 he made a made a piece for his mockumentary series “Brass Eye” dealing with the dangerous new drug, “Cake.” The show played out like a hard-hitting documentary showing the dangers of drugs. Cake was supposedly something new imported from Eastern Europe and was really dangerous—execpt it was completely fake.

Morris enlisted Members of Parliament and big television personalities to warn the population about it via TV. The drug was a dinner-plate sized yellow pill that the celebrities would hold, sternly look at the camera, and voice their concern. Side effects of the drug included “Czech neck” and “throwing up your own pelvis bone.” Ouch!


An interesting piece of art sits right outside the Italian stock exchange. Find out what it is and why it's there!

An Italian artist recently got to install a giant statue that would make any Occupation Wall Street member swoon. Adorned a large pedestal in front of the Italian stock exchange sits a giant hand with its middle finger raised. How did the artist possibly get away with this?

Artist Maurizio Cattelan make the sculpture in early fall of 2010 and titled it L.O.V.E. It's 13 feet tall, 36 feet tall including the attached based and made entirely of marble. The stock exchange didn't actually commission the piece but did receive city approval before it was created. Why did they accept a giant “F U”? Administrators say “We want to be confirmed as the capital of contemporary art and we have to not only mediate but also accept what we do not like.” How progressive!

The original title was to be “Omina Munda Mundis” which means “to the pure men, all things are pure” but changed it to “L.O.V.E.” It stands for love, but anyone can read between the lines and make up their own mind about what the title means. Whatever you take from it, it just feels good to send the big bankers a big message.



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