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In Churchill, Manitoba you have to trust your neighbor with your car. If not, he might be mauled by a polar bear.

Imagine living in such a tight community that every single person trusts each other, and not only that, they have to. Because if they don’t someone could end up getting mauled by a polar bear.

In Churchill, Manitoba, you have to trust each and every person around you not to steal your car. The reason is that if you lock it, you will be punished by the law. This is the only place in the world where there is a rule against securing your vehicle this way. However, the reason is a good one.

Because there are around 950 polar bears around the Hudson river, one of the inhabitants could be attacked and mauled at any second, and what is worse than running for your life only to discover that a spotted safe haven, some stranger’s car, is locked? The answer is next to nothing.

In an effort to prevent polar bear related deaths, the government of the area outlawed locked car doors to provide quick escapes from hungry, or aggressive beasts.


The inside of an igloo isn't cold—they can get up to 60 degrees! Find out how!

Usually when people picture an igloo, they imagine a dome with a little tunnel attached. This is surprisingly accurate! Igloos are surprisingly hospitable, and it all comes down to science.

Snow makes a surprisingly good insulator. When combined with ice to make the walls of the dome sturdy, it creates a cozy little environment. With the occupant’s body heat and perhaps the use of oil lamps or candles, the walls of the igloo melt a little, but then are soon frozen by the temperatures outside. Several days of this melting and refreezing process creates a nice insulation, sometimes of up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is incredibly welcome when the weather outside is -50 degrees Fahrenheit!


The human eye can spot a candle flame from 30 miles away! Learn more about this amazing organ

Think about this next time you complain that you have bad eyesight! The human eye is incredibly sensitive. It’s theoretically possible to see a candle flame from 30 miles away, and the farthest visible light we can see with the naked eye is the Andromeda galaxy, which is 2.6 million light years away!

Of course, there are some limitations. In order to see a candle flame from so far away, it would have to be completely dark and the Earth would have to be flat--or you’d have to look at it from on top of a mountain during a pitch black night!


Some awesome lists!

If you ever get tired of trading on Wall Street, Somalia has its own pirate stock exchange anyone can participate in!

Looking to make it rich in Somalia? Chances are, you're going to have to get involved with pirates. Luckily, you don't have to go and risk your neck swashbuckling the modern military forces patrolling the seas. Simply invest in a pirate group and wait for your returns—or you can try to get an honest job, which we recommend.

Pirates need money and supplies to get their scummy, illegal job done. But you can't walk into a bank and ask for a business loan to get your pirate's den off the ground—you have to secure capital another way. That's where the pirate stock exchange comes in, which was established in 2009 in Harardheere. Successful heists can bank up to $10 million against Western commercial vessels, and the pirates are allowing investors to get into the action.

The town of Harardheere has transformed from a small fishing village into a vibrant pirate's “Wall Street” complete with luxury cars and suits. The district government collects on every dollar which is put toward schools, hospitals and other public needs.

So, if you're looking for the next hot investment and you don't care if your business partners are violently stealing stuff, Somalia may be the place for you.


Babies can be taught sign language to express their needs before they learn to speak!

After performing extensive studies on the topic, Dr. Susan W. Goodwyn of California State University and Dr. Linda P. Acredolo of the University of California have found that babies who learn sign language before speech developed more advanced language skills and engaged in more complex social interactions than children who learned to communicate through speech alone.

These findings lay a lot of fears to rest that teaching babies sign language will interfere with their ability to learn speech. It is obviously recommended that parents speak to the child while signing so that the child can understand that the word and the sign represent the same concept.

According to the Web site ‘Signing With Your Baby’, children can be taught sign language from the age of six months old. Children can cope with a vocabulary of about twelve sign words in the beginning. As soon as children understand the significance of signs, they will be eager to learn signs for everything around them.

Many parents teach their babies need-based signs. This could greatly reduce frustration in both the baby and the parents. Common need-based signs include "more," "eat" or "drink." It is very useful if a child can communicate its needs before it has mastered speech.



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