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The best way to get medicine where it needs to go is package it with Coca-Cola!

You can travel the globe and you're likely to find a few things no matter where you go: Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

Unfortunately, medicine, clean water and other life necessities aren't among those.

However, humanitarians are starting to put their minds together and combine the logistics of Coca-Cola with the products of humanitarian aid.

Coca-Cola's massive distribution system is being utilized to transport more than just the sugary soft drink.

Simon Berry packaged ORS to transport it through the Coca-Cola system to provide relief for diarrhea, the second-biggest cause of child mortality.

Difficulty in communication killed the idea quickly, but he brought it back up when the internet and phones became widely available. He ended up using Facebook.

The project is called ColaLife and began a pilot program in Zambia in 2011. The medical kits were placed snugly in Coke products using a clever wedge design and finally medicine got to where it was supposed to go.


President's widows enjoy some interesting privileges that you probably didn't know about!

There's no harder job than being the president of the United States, and in some cases there are not many jobs more dangerous.

Such was the case for a couple presidents assassinated while in office with only their widows to carry on.

The widows and family generally fall into the shadows, but they aren't forgotten about. They receive some benefit for life—or at least until they remarry—that many may not know about.

One of the most famous widows was Jaqueline Kennedy who was devastated by the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, stayed in the White House a few more weeks, preparing to vacate.

She didn't have to leave behind protection, however, since she received Secret Service protection until her marriage to Aristotle Onassis in 1968.

She was also entitled to a franking privilege, which are devices or markings on a letter to qualify it to be postally serviced, such as a stamp. The privilege she received was was entitled to government officials that allowed letters and parcels to be sent without such a stamp. They simply needed to use their signature to enjoy the benefit.


Britain has a lot of 'Ghost Trains' going around the country. Learn what they are

The British train system has a curious little kink in it: there's a number of 'ghost trains.' What are these ghost trains? They're lines that run in the middle of the night, with obscure scheduling so that no one knows about them. If you happen to spot one and want to buy a ticket for them, the conductors will try to talk you out of it.

Why do they exist? Apparently closing down a rail line is a very costly and time-consuming process that's full of bureaucracy and protests. Instead of going through that, they just keep the lines running.

The phenomenon is so large and mysterious, that there are people who hunt these trains and wait for them taking photos. They call themselves 'Ghosties" who travel the land looking for these trains.

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Some awesome lists!

Gamers uncover information about the AIDS virus in 10 days, what scientists have been unable to do in 15 years!

When you think of gaming, you normally think of shoot-em-ups and role playing games where you can escape into a virtual reality.

The University of Washington has created a different kind of game though, called Foldit.

Foldit is an online puzzle game where the objective is to fold the structure of proteins as effectively as possible. Scientists can then use these solutions to solve real world problems.

In 2011, players uncovered something incredible. In just 10 days, players of Foldit had deciphered the crystal structure of an AIDS-causing monkey virus. Scientists had been unable to uncover the structure of this enzyme for 15 years.

Foldit adopts the concept of gamification, to attract a wider audience, especially those without a scientific background. This creates a much wider platform where people are discovering real world solutions and sharing it with their friends who are then building on those discoveries.

Foldit provides tutorials on using the tools to manipulate protein structures which are then scores are calculated based on how well the protein is folded. This new type of gaming concept creates limitless opportunities, where under the guise of having fun, people can literally stumble upon scientific discoveries in their spare time.


Want a weird dream? Sleep on your stomach!

Drifting off to dreamland should be one of those surreal experiences a person gets to look forward to every night, settling in for 8, or more likely 5 to 6, hours of your night.

For years people have tried to master their dreams, shaping them to be their fantasies through lucid dreaming.

Turns out the way you lay down actually has a decent effect on what your dreams will be like.

The three primary position are sleeping on the back, the side, or the stomach. Each way can influence what your dreams are like.

Sleeping on your back is the safest route with the most normal dreams. Risk takers will divulge in the weird, scary, and sometimes sexy dreams by sleeping on their stomach.

A study involving 700 sleepers showed that those resting belly-down were more likely to have dreams about being locked up, having sex, being smothered, seeing UFOs, being naked, and having a celebrity love affair. The reason? Pressing down on the bed with your front induces these strange feelings.



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