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There are 6 very good reasons to travel by cargo ship instead of a cruise ship and one of them is that you get to go where cruise ships don't!

Cargo ships can also act as passenger ships and can be a new travel experience if you are looking for one.

Don't be fooled into thinking it is a cheaper alternative to a cruise ship, though. The two cost about the same!

So why even consider travelling by Cargo ship? There are actually quite a few very good reasons.

Cargo ships travel to parts of the world that are not serviced by cruise ships, so you will see places you would not otherwise be able to experience on a cruise.

Cargo ships usually only accommodate 12 or less passengers which means there will be no overcrowding. It is therefore ideal for travelers who want a quieter atmosphere.

If you are conscious of the environment then you will appreciate to know that it is one of the greenest forms of travelling because you make up a very small part of the cargo that has to be transported anyway.

The accommodation is of high standards – just in case you thought you have to sleep in a container! Each cabin has its own toilet and shower and passengers get to dine with the ship's captain and his officers.

Cargo ships travel throughout the entire year, unlike cruise ships that depend on passenger demand and usually only sail during high season. You can plan your trip for any time of the year!


The FBI was warned in advance about the Pearl Harbor attacks, but chose to do nothing about it!

On the 12th of August, 1941, a double agent named Popov informed the FBI of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor.

Popov had been sent to the United States to establish a new German network and during his time there had uncovered information suggesting an attack on Pearl Harbor was imminent. He chose to share this information with the FBI.

At the time, J. Edgar Hoover was the chief of the FBI. He chose not to report Popov's findings to his superiors in light of the fact that Popov was a double agent.

The FBI had been given notice of Popov's arrival by M16 and Popov himself said that Hoover was suspicious and distrustful of him.

At one stage, Hoover threatened to have Popov arrested when he discovered Popov had taken a woman from New York to Florida. This did little to alleviate Hoover's distrust of Popov. Had Popov been able to gain Hoover's trust and had Hoover chosen to act on Popov's information, it may have slightly altered a piece of history as we know it.


Did you know that there's an equivalent to a car-wash for underwater animals?

Fish, sea turtles and hippos need to be cleaned just like any other animal, and to do so, they pop in for a quick stop at a cleaning station.

These stations are located either on top of a coral head or between two outcroppings. They are also located under large clumps of seaweed or at a point in a river or lagoon.

When an animal approaches a cleaning station, it will signal that it needs to be cleaned.

Cleaner fish, such as cleaner shrimp, will then eat and remove parasites from the skin and will also swim into the mouth and the gills to clean those hard-to-reach places.

There is, however, a darker side to the operation of cleaner stations. There are some species of combtooth blenny and false cleaner fish that prey on unsuspecting animals.

These animals mimic the appearance and behaviour of cleaner fish, and when a victim approaches, will proceed to tear away scales or flesh.


Some awesome lists!

What if I told you there were secret cities located in the world, their names and locations kept hidden by the government?

A closed city is a settlement with travel and residency restrictions. These cities don't show up on any maps, there are no road signs and bus routes only run to nearby villages.

Russia has got 44 acknowledged closed cities, with 15 more believed to exist, but nobody knows their locations or names apart from the Russian government.

These cities were established from the 1940's onwards. They were home to small communities with sensitive military, industrial and scientific facilities.

These cities were often situated on borders and close to rivers and lakes to provide large amounts of water needed for heavy industry and nuclear technology.

A closed city would often be guarded by barbed wire and prisons, although the residents could easily move in and out via the checkpoint. The existence of the city was often classified and residents were expected to uphold the secrecy of their residence.

Even after over 20 years since the end of the Soviet Union, Russia still officially keeps a number of its closed cities in the former Soviet republics.


This guy has the highest IQ of all time! Find out what he spent his childhood doing!

Everyone feels like the dumb guy in the room when Kim Ung-yong steps in. Why? He's the world record holder for the highest IQ at a score of an astounding 210!

He is was born in 1963 in Seoul, South Korea and was a child prodigy of epic proportions. He became a chatterbox at 6 months old and started reading Japanese, Korean, German, English and other languages by his third birthday.

By a year later he memorized nearly 2000 words in English and German and enjoyed writing poetry and short books of essays in many languages.

By four years old he scored more than 200 on an IQ test that was normally given to 7-year-olds.

As of 2007 he worked as a Korean civil engineer. In 1990 the Guiness retired the "Highest IQ" category since IQ tests were too unreliable to name a single record holder.



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