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If you're thinking about taking the edge off on a Friday afternoon after a long week, Utah might not be the ideal place to be.

Utah restaurants adopt a unique approach at attempting to combat excessive consumption. They could impose a drink limit, or close the bar early in the evening. You would think these would be simplest ways of achieving what seems to be in the good interest of patrons. What they have done though, is force their bartenders to prepare drinks behind a Zion curtain.

A Zion curtain is a partition, often frosted glass, behind which bartenders must prepare drinks out of view of patrons in the establishment. In 2009, the governor of Utah signed a legislation allowing existing restaurants to remove the partition. In 2010, in an attempt at broader control of alcohol consumption, the legislation was restored. Again, in 2013, there was an attempt to overturn the ruling which ultimately failed.

In a day and age where alcohol is the root of many problems, it is indeed a noble cause to attempt to curb the amount of alcohol consumed in establishments. The Zion curtain, though, must be one of the strangest attempts at achieving this. That being said, the legislation still stands, making Utah very low down on your list if you’re looking for a wild night out.


Police officers in Northern Ireland used Ice Cream van music to calm teen rioters!

I guess not everybody screams for ice cream.

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, a police Land Rover was assaulted by a hoard of teenagers. The group, comprised of about 15 young people, threw bottles at the vehicle as it passed by.

To calm the rioters, the Police Service of Northern Ireland employed a pretty imaginative tactic. Instead of fighting the group or hauling them all off to jail, the crew of the Land Rover played Ice Cream van music, hoping the song would make the teenagers stop.

And, surprisingly, it worked.

Music has a strong impact on your mood, and the tunes used by Ice Cream vans were the perfect attitude adjuster for these upset teens.

However, not everyone was impressed. Angela Nelson, a counselor for Northern Irish political party Sinn Fein, felt the tactic “was a very immature way for police to deal with a very serious problem.”

The police stand by their actions, though, believing that the music diffused a tense situation. Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine, even in violent situations.


This jury proved MLKs assassination was a conspiracy between the police and the mafia!

After the 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., many conspiracy theories arose attempting to explain the situation.

However, unlike most conspiracy theories, it seems these ones may have been true.

Loyd Jowers, a restaurant owner from Memphis, Tennessee, appeared on ABC’s Prime Time Live in December 1993. During the program, he explained in detail how himself, the Mafia, and the US government conspired to kill Dr. King over 20 years prior.

Following his appearance, King’s family filed a civil case against Jowers and his alleged co-conspirators. In December 1999, Jowers and his associates were found guilty.

However, Dr. King’s family did not seek a massive settlement. Instead, they only sought $100. According to the family, this was to show that they were only pursuing the case for moral and ethical reasons, not financial gain.

Though many, including Jowers’ sister, King biographer David Garrow, and author Gerald Posner, dispute the truth of Jowers’ claims, one thing is certain: even after his death, the teachings of Dr. King live on, championed by his family and the many people he touched.


Some awesome lists!

To be a London Cab driver, you have to memorize 25,000 roads and thousands of points of interest!

It seems London’s taxi standards are a bit higher than New York’s.

In many fields of study, students are required to pass an intensive exam in order to join their specialized work force. For example, law students are required to pass the bar examination in order to legally practice their craft.

Few would think of taxi drivers having similar standards to meet. But, in London, they very much do.

In order to run a black cab in London, potential drivers must pass an exam known as The Knowledge. Similar to a Drivers Test, the exam involves navigating through a variety of streets while making quick decisions on how best to meet a passenger’s needs.

Cab drivers are not allowed to use maps, satellite navigation systems, or any other external sources while driving. Instead, the must memorize nearly 25,000 different roads and be able to apply that knowledge in a practical setting.

Further, cab drivers must have an in-depth knowledge of London’s many points of interest, from clubs and hotels to churches and government buildings.

Most potential drivers take 34 months to train for the exam. And even then, they often have to try upwards of 12 times to pass.


It's possible to establish social status in Dubai through license plate purchases--but it can get REALLY expensive

In Dubai, it's pretty easy to clearly establish yourself as a member of the social elite, but it will certainly cost you a pretty penny. The smaller the number on your United Arab Emirate number plate the higher status you are, all the way up to number one.

The license plate business in Dubai is booming. People can trade money for their number to gain a higher status, but it can be tough to strike a balance between what you can afford and the status you want to exude. Small steps up can lead to large jumps in price, and sometimes negotiating is all you can do. Buy, sell, and invest, but be careful—prices tend to rise and fall at the drop of a hat.

Five-digit plates are significantly cheaper than four digit ones (and so on). Sometimes letters will be released with new plates and make older ones fall in price. Still, the small, single to double digit letters manage to retain massive value, one having sold upwards of $14 million!



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