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Can you imagine 'The Shawshank Redemption' starring Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford? It almost happened!

The critically acclaimed film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is one of the most famous films of the 90’s, but it was almost very different.

Frank Darabont, who directed and wrote the film, was offered $2.5 million by Rob Reiner to let him write and direct it instead. Reiner also wanted to cast the two main characters differently, with Tom Cruise as Andy and Harrison Ford as Red.

In the audio commentary of the film, Darabont said that he seriously considered the proposal as he liked Reiner’s vision a lot. In the end, however, he declined because it was his "chance to do something really great" by directing the film himself.

Although the film was originally met with limited box office success, only barely covering the film's budget, after its re-release during Oscar season, it was nominated for seven Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. It also saw much better success in rentals as well as a considerable amount of television showings.

It seems as though Darabont made the right decision.


The wind can play wind chimes, but did you know the sea has an instrument of its own?

There is a type of instrument called a Tidal Organ which uses the tides as its player. One such organ is located in Zadar, Croatia. The organ was made by architect Nikola BašIć as part of a project to redesign the new city coast and was opened to the public in April of 2005.

Much of the seafront in Zadar was destroyed during WWII and in an attempt to quickly fix it, much of the seafront was turned into a plain concrete wall. The organ was a response to this and has succeeded in bringing tourists and locals alike to the site.

Marble steps that lead down to the water are what you can see on the outside, but underneath those stairs is a system of tubes and a resonating cavity which turns the whole thing into an instrument which plays somewhat random, yet harmonic, sounds. The sounds emerge from holes along the top step.

In addition to the Sea organ, there are a few other tidal organs around the world. The Wave organ is located in San Francisco, which carries the natural sounds of the waves and their interaction with the pipes to listeners at several different stations. The High Tide Organ is another tidal organ which is located in the town of Blackpool, England. This organ features a 50 foot tall sculpture described as a "musical manifestation of the sea.”


A World War II soldier shot down a Japanese fighter plane with a pistol! Find out more

The best weapon in the world is a marine and his rifle. While true, the same goes for a certain Airman and his 1911 pistol. During a March 1943 search and destroy mission, co-pilot Owen J. Baggett and the rest of his bomber squadron was intercepted by Japanese Zero pilots—some of the most skilled pilots in the newest and best planes. Baggett was forced to bail out of his soon damaged craft with the rest of his crew.

When the Zeros circled back around to fire on the parachuting men, two of the airman's fellow soldiers were killed and Baggett himself was lightly injured. He played dead after being shot, taking out his pistol and resting it at his side for whatever situation might call for it.

Luck was on Baggett's side. One of the Zero pilots flew within feet of him and opened up the canopy to their cockpit in order to confirm the kill. Four shots ripped through the Japanese pilot's cockpit, one of which struck the man in the head and sent his plane spiraling downwards toward the ground. This has been recorded as one of the best shots ever made during war with a 1911 pistol.

Baggett lived in a prison camp for 2 years before being released and later becoming an Air Force colonel.


Some awesome lists!

Using this over-the-counter cold medicine will make you test positive for Meth! Find out what it is here:

Methamphetamine, or eth, is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. So, you can imagine how shocked people were when they tested positive for it and had never even tried it. Drug testing facilities around the country shed light on some new information: if you use Vick’s Vapor Inhalers, there is a 100% chance you will test positive for Meth.

Meth is made of two different isomers, which are two of the same formulas, but the atoms in each are arranged differently causing different properties. These two isomers are referred to as either “d” or “l” isomers. It is important for drug testing facilities to test for both of these isomers, to prevent a positive test that is in fact negative. When using a Vick’s Vapor Inhaler, the test will show 100% positive for “l” isomer.

If you truly did not use Meth, and only the Vick’s Vapor Inhaler, the test should conclude that you have less than 20% of the “d” isomer. Since Meth is made of both isomers, they installed these percentages as wiggle room, for those who have not taken the drug to prove their point. Now, most facilities strongly recommend that you use a medical review officer for all questionable, positive tests.


The movie Trojan War had a $15 million budget only made $309 total! Find out why

'Trojan War', starring Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt, was produced for $15 million. It's a romantic comedy that follows a young man's quest to get condoms so he can have safe sex with his longtime crush. Unfortunately for him, he runs into a lot of troubles on the way, which includes wrecking a car, getting pursued by various people, and nearly getting arrested.

Though this may sound like a typical teen romantic comedy, it didn't do so well. It only made $309 in ticket sales after being played in a single movie theater, and was pulled after only a week.

Most people assume this was to satisfy some sort of clause in the contract regarding the distrubtion and release methods.

This box office disaster currently boasts a 42% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.



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