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American scientists predicted a devastaing avalanche in Peru, but no one listened. Unfortunately, they were right!

In 1962, American scientists David Bernays and Charles Sawyer, who were studying in Peru, reported seeing a huge vertical slab of rock being undermined by a glacier. They realized that should it fall, it would completely destroy the town of Yungay.

When David and Charles reported this information, the local government was furious. They ordered the two to either retract the information or leave the country. The scientists fled, and citizens were forced to keep quiet about the impending disaster.

Unfortunately, it still stuck. On May 30, 1970, an earthquake caused the unstable rock in the mountain to collapse. This caused the glacial ice to fall in an avalanche, which buried the town and killed 20,000 people. There were only 92 survivors!


The only difference between Tylenol Cold and Tylenol Flu is the box! Marketing genius or absolute madness?

There's a lot of difference between getting a cold and getting the flu. Colds typically leave you sneezing and sniffling for a couple of a days, while the flu is much more serious. The flu can typically give you a fever and leave you fatigued, and if left untreated, can sometimes lead to hospitalization.

Despite the major difference between these diseases, Tylenol treats them the same way!

Both Tylenol Cold and Tylenol Flu contain the exact same ingredients—a pain reliever, a cough suppressant, and a nasal decongestant. The only difference between the two medicines is the box!

No matter what kind of sickness you have, remember to drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest!


The world's top English Scrabble players are Thai, and don't speak any English! The way they win sounds crazy hard

You're a master of the English language. You can unscramble the little Scrabble tiles to form just about any word, hitting those double letter and triple word scores. Little do you know that you're actually at a disadvantage to those that don't know how to speak a lick of the language!

In the British National Scrabble Championship the final play was with the word "coniines," which neither of the finalists probably knew the definition of. Not all of the words on the board could be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, but they're still legal plays, thanks to the Scrabble Dictionary. The difference? Once a word gets in the Scrabble Dictionary, it never leaves, unlike outdated words that gets phased out.

Players tend to memorize a list of words without caring about the definitions. Many of the world's best Scrabble players are Thai that don't speak a word of English, but can spell it out pretty well. In fact, knowing English puts that player at a disadvantage.

Of course, if a house rule states you have to supply a ballpark definition, those world-class stars will fail miserably.


Some awesome lists!

We worry about terrorists and shootings, but nearly 1/6 of the deaths in the United States could be from medical mistakes!

We all know the major dangers in America today aren't terrorists or giant hurricanes—it's cancer and heart disease that are doing all the killing. But what's next on the list isn't something your doctor will be able to treat. In fact, doctors are the sole cause of it!

The third biggest cause of death in America is medical mistakes. According to a recent issue of Journal of Patient Safety, the number of patients susceptible to mistakes is staggering. Between 210,000 and 440,000 patients that take a trip to the hospital suffer a type of preventable harm that contributes to their death per year.

There is some dispute about that number, however. A spokesman for the American Hospital Association is confident that the number is closer to 98,000 deaths per year, even though three prominent patient safety researchers claimed Journal of Patient Safety's study had credible methods.

If the 440,000 number is correct, that would be roughly one-sixth of all deaths in the United States each year. Turns out going in for your usual checkup can be dangerous after all!


A Columbian drug lord helped solve Columbia's external debt problems! Did it save him from getting arrested, though?

While becoming the infamous leader of a drug cartel isn't exactly a recommended career path, it can apparently help in solving the problems of external debt in small countries such as Columbia.

Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas took advantage of this and became one of the most wealthy drug cartels in history. His massive assets included the Island of Norman's Cay. He obtained the island through the purchasing out of people's homes and the threatening and murdering of many of it's residents.

Once he had ownership of the land he turned the existing airstrip into a base of operations for his drug trafficking. The fleet of aircraft housed there was guarded by radar, dogs and bodyguards.

Lehder's wealth became so immense that he was able to offer the Columbian government money twice for different reasons. Once to relieve Columbian debt and another time to alleviate the threat of his own extradition.

At the height of the Cartel's operations, 300 kilograms of cocaine were moved through the island base every day! His requests for the canceling of his extradition were denied and he was eventually arrested by the U.S. Government. Details after his capture are hazy and unconfirmed, but many believe that his cooperation agreements were violated and he was sent to a prison in Germany.



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