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These guys launched paper planes from space. You'll never believe where they ended up!

Having too much time on your hands can lead to some seriously fun results.

Just ask these guys in Germany who designed a bunch of paper planes to be dropped from the very edge of our atmosphere and space to float down to who knows where.

Each plane is equipped with a memory card that is filled with messages from people all over the world. And all over the world is exactly where those planes are claimed to have ended up! Reports as far as California, Canada and South Africa have been made after finishing their journey from 37 kilometers up in the air.

The project was sponsored by Samsung to prove just how tough their memory cards are. Seeing as how they survived the the frigid temperatures of the atmosphere's edges and a journey across the oceans before crashing back down to Earth—and the memory cards could still load up on a computer and display their messages.

It's amazing that some guys can make a paper plane travel all over the world and I can't make one go 10 feet before taking a drastic turn down and bending beyond repair. I'll just stick to paper balls!


Most of the smoke billowing up from a space shuttle launch is not exhaust but water vapor, and actually saves the shuttle from breaking apart!

If you’ve ever seen a space shuttle launch, you’ve seen the enormous rush of smoke when the engines fire up.

In reality, it’s not smoke, but water vapor. The Mobile Launch Platforms that they use to launch these shuttles now come equipped with hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that they dump into the exhaust.

They didn’t always do this, as it wasn’t always necessary. It became clear, however, that to continue launching shuttles form these platforms, they would need a way to lessen the acoustic shockwave the launch causes.

The shockwave could actually off the platform and hit the shuttle as it lifts off.

Starting 6.6 seconds before engine ignition, a 300,000 gallon water tank at the launch site began dumping water down a pipeline and into the exhaust vents of the MLP. Next, six 12 foot-high towers known as "rainbirds" begin to spray water over the MLP and into the flame deflector trenches below it.

The water absorbed some of the bruising forces of the acoustic waves, and discouraged fires that might be caused by the rocket exhaust.

The whole system is emptied in about 41 seconds. This causes huge quantities of water to evaporate in the extreme heat of the exhaust, creating the giant, billowing clouds of water vapor we see.


In Finland, there’s a heavy metal band for children.

You’re never too young to rupture your ear drums. Hevisaurus is a Finnish heavy metal children’s music band, who dress in dinosaur costumes. The band was started by Thunderstone drummer Mirka Rantanen. Their first album, Kings of Jurassic Metal, was on the Finnish Album charts for 10 weeks.

Now, you’ll never guess where this band came from. According to the Hevisaurus back-story, the band members were hatched from five metal eggs that had lain buried in a mountain from 65 million years in the past. Lightning and witch spells apparently unearthed the eggs and brought them to life.


Some awesome lists!

This guy is like bat man--he's blind and uses echolocation!

Bats are known for how well they traverse through dark caves, blackened forests, and just about anywhere without a hint of light using their sonar ability.

They emit a sound that travels through the air and bounces off objects, revealing their location, size and distance.

It's pretty amazing when you think of it—and even more amazing that there is a human out there that can do the same thing.

Daniel Kish, a Californian that has been completely blind since he was a baby, doesn't let his disability inconvenience him.He still leads an active lifestyle outside, including hiking and mountain-biking (two activities best suited for those with eyesight).

His trick is to click his tongue on the roof of his mouth two to three times a second that send back useful sound waves to let him build a mental picture of his surroundings.

The ability has lead him to be called a “real-life Batman,” though I'm pretty sure the Dark Knight had fancy gadgets for this kind of thing—and he wasn't blind (so he's actually cooler than Batman)

But this amazing power DOES sound like something a superhero should have, and is something to cherish for allowing Kish to lead such an active life.


If you took all the gold in the world and made it into a cube, it would only measure 20.5m on a side

Gold has been used for thousands of years as currency. Its distinct color draws people in, and it’s pretty rare. But just how rare is it?

If you took all of the gold ever mined and melted it into a cube, the sides would be 20.5 meters across.

That’s less than the width of an Olympic swimming pool, and that would weight a whopping 166,500 tons!

Most of the gold in Earth’s crust is thought to come from meteors.

The United States has the most gold in reserve of any country in the world at 8133.5 tons. That’s way more than other any country. Germany has the second most with 3396.3 tons.

Only seven countries have more than 1000 tons of gold in reserve, but that number could be false.

Many Central Banks in the western world purposefully lease out their gold reserves and hide it with accounting tricks in order to keep the price of gold down.They do this because lower gold prices makes an economy appear more stable.



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