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If your baby's pacifier falls on the floor, experts say cleaning it with your mouth may be better than soap and water

For as long as there have been crying babies, there have been parents who want to pacify them. But that presents a new dilemma: What to do when your baby's pacifier falls on the ground and there is no sink around? Since conventional wisdom has always held that washing and rinsing a pacifier under soapy water is the choice of conscientious parents, this left no choice but to tuck the pacifier away until a sink or a new pacifier presented itself.

But no more. Dr. Max Gomez of CBS asserts that soapy water may not be best for baby. Instead, pop that pacifier in your mouth to remove any offending germs, and then (yep) just put it right back in baby's mouth. Research has proven that babies need to have some challenges to their immune systems early in life so they can build their resistance. Being too vigilant can undermine the opportunity for babies to exercise their abilities to fight germs.

Dr. Elissa Rubin of Happy and Healthy Pediatrics says, " . . . The parent's saliva, which contains normal bacteria, can actually colonize our children with the good bacteria and that may have incredible health benefits." In fact, new research from the journal Pediatrics studied 184 kids and found that children whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them had a lower risk of developing both eczema and asthma.

The doctors are careful to specify that if the pacifier falls into animal feces or a puddle of gas or oil, no one (not even the parents with the heartiest immune systems) should put that in his or her mouth. But on your average floor, parents could be doing their children a favor by sucking that pacifier first. So don't feel guilty that you're too lazy to find a sink—you're in fact being a good parent.


Canadians repaid sportsmanship with maple syrup at the Turin Olympics—5 tons of it.

Try for a lifetime to earn this achievement and it probably wouldn't happen. There are not many things one could do to earn an inexhaustible supply of maple syrup. In this case, the task completed to earn this massive resource was sportsmanship. At the Turin Olympics, a Norwegian ski coach gave a Canadian a spare ski pole after hers broke. The Canadian went on to win silver medal, beating the Norwegians, who finished fourth, by two places.

In response, the people of the red maple leaf were so touched that they collectively gave the Norwegian coach 5.2 tons of maple syrup! About 7,400 cans were shipped to Norway.

What was even sweeter about this whole deal is that the Canadians and Norwegians both agreed to wave any of the shipping duties that might make the maple syrup too expensive to transport.

While you may not be recognized in a way exactly like this, all athletes are encouraged to mimic the sportsmanship that the Norwegian ski coach demonstrated at the Olympics. Of course, nothing is impossible. You might very well earn your own 5.2 tons of maple syrup someday.


The temporary town set up for Burning Man in Nevada has a higher population than the state Capital!

As of 2013, Black Rock City, a temporary town sprung up for the Burning Man Festival comprises a population of over 60,000 people compared to Carson City, Nevada's population of about 55,500. When the festival is over, the Black Rock desert goes back to being unpopulated.

The festival has grown in popularity in recent years. The event is described as an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. It is held in the last week of August and ends today, on Labor Day.


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You will not believe the amount of food this death row inmate asked for his last meal that he refused to eat!

Has anyone ever asked you what you would eat for your last meal? More than a conversation starter, this is actually a decision death row inmates have to make before they are put to death.

Traditionally, prisons offer the inmate whatever they like for their last meal. This tradition was abolished in Texas though after one particularly extravagant request.

In 2011, death row inmate Lawrence Brewer requested and was provided with a meal that included a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, bowl of okra, meat lover's pizza, half a loaf of bread, pound of barbecue, peanut butter fudge and a pint of ice cream.

However, when the food was brought to Brewer, he declined to eat it, saying that he wasn't hungry.

This prompted Texas Senator John Whitmire to write a letter prison officials demanding that they stop this tradition. Brad Livingston, the executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice agreed with Whitmire and halted the practice immediately.


There's a venomous tree in Australia whose sting is so bad that people and animals have killed themselves from the pain!

The Gympie-Gympie tree may have an amusing name, but it'll leave you in agony. The tree, which is native to Australia, is one of the most venomous plants in the world. It's been said that one sting feels like you're being burned with acid and electrocuted at the same time. Within minutes, victims start swelling up to the point where it's difficult to breathe.

Stories dating all the way back to 1866 talk about tree. One such story tells the tale of a road surveyor's packhorse getting stung and 'going mad.' There are also lots of folklore about horses purposely throwing themselves off of cliffs after getting stung. Unfortunately, those tendencies aren't limited to animals. One story tells of an officer who shot himself after getting stung by the tree because he was driven mad by the pain.

There's no cure for the sting, but there are treatments available. People who think they could come into contact with one, such as foresters and timber workers, are often supplied with respirators, thick gloves, and anti-histamine tablets.



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