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The Willis Tower just lost the title of tallest building in the USA. This is how Chicago will fight back.

Chicago is trying to break a record that will take them some time.

The Old Chicago Main Post Office Redevelopment is a proposed 20-acre project on a lot located along the Chicago River on the southwest side of Downtown Chicago, Illinois.

It is to be constructed in phases over a period of one decade that will include the renovation of Chicago's historic Old Main Post Office building as well as residential, retail, entertainment and office space.

The plan includes several towers, the tallest one being a proposed 120-story mixed use twin tower skyscraper that will stand about 2,000 feet high to the roof, which would make it the tallest building in the United States.

The tower would be over 500 feet taller than the Sears Tower, and will contain office, residential, and hotel space. It will also include two 60-story residential towers as well as a 40-story hotel.

Can't wait to see how it ends up looking!


Dollar store pregnancy tests are as accurate as brand name tests, but they're all only 80% accurate!

Most American women pay almost eight times as much for home pregnancy tests as they have to because they do not want to buy them from dollar stores.

There seems to be a general opinion that dollar store pregnancy tests are not as accurate as the more expensive types, but this is not at all true.

Dr. Michael Slowey, a reproductive endocrinologist with Coastal Fertility Specialists in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, confirms that the technology used is the same in all basic pregnancy tests no matter where you buy them.

They are all made to detect the pregnancy hormone, and when used correctly, they are all equal.

However, Slowey notes, if the box says "over 99% accurate," regardless of the brand, the consumer must realize that percentage is under laboratory conditions only. If used at home by the general public, he says, the accuracy of all these tests is about 75% to 80%.

The accuracy of a home pregnancy test lies in how it is used. If the directions are followed to the letter and the expiration date is checked before it is used, it really does not matter where you bought it or how much you paid for it. To be absolutely certain, keep in mind that the only test that is 100% accurate is a blood test.


The movie top gun was hugely popular...but it actually had an effect on the military too

Did you know that the Pentagon was in collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer fort the movie “Top Gun”? Why you ask? Simple. The United States needed more manpower.

The army worked with the movie to bring advertisements directed at viewers to join the Army and Navy.

During the release, recruitment booths were set up outside of theaters to attract viewers to sign up before or after the movie. After booths were set up, the polls saw an incredible increase in recruits.

These advertisements often showed imagery of fantasy like battles in war that would attract these viewers to sign up.

The Army also did a similar sponsorship deal with the producers of X-Men: First Class where they showed similar, but modern types of fantasy like images to urge potential recruits to sign up, just shy of the 25th anniversary of Top Gun.


Some awesome lists!

Imagine spending 15 years in a mental hospital, against your will, as a normal, sane person.

The mere thought of being sent to a mental hospital is the stuff of nightmares for most of us. But for Kenneth Donaldson, this nightmare became all too real as he was institutionalized at age 34, against his will.

When visiting his elderly parents in Florida in 1956, Donaldson believed that one of his neighbours was poisoning his food.

His father, concerned that his son was paranoid, petitioned for a sanity hearing. Donaldson didn’t have the necessary legal counsel to represent his case and he was committed into the Florida State mental health system with “paranoid schizophrenia.” He was placed in a ward with only one doctor and shared his space with dangerous criminals.

After spending 15 years as a patient without ever receiving any treatment, Donaldson finally won a lawsuit against the hospital and staff members for robbing him of his constitutional rights. He was compensated financially and his case was even reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in 1975. Later on, Donaldson wrote a book about his experiences as a mental patient, which must have read something like a horror novel.


The Italians had the fastest police car in the world--until they crashed it!

When someone is getting arrested, they might as well get carted off in style! It's just important not to get pitted in a high-speed chase against this amazing police car—they will lose.

Lamborghini provided the Italian state police with a Gallardo LP560-4 in 2008, the world's fastest police car. Too bad it didn't last long.

A trio of the cars were presented to the police to help contain speeders on the autostradas where more than 4,700 people died on the roads that year. The white and blue cars were ticked out with a video surveillance camera, gun racks, GPS, organ transplant fridge and a defibrillator. It had all the tools necessary to crack down on crime and speeders.

Unfortunately, one of the super cars met its match when an officer rammed it into a line of parked cars, so hard in fact that one of the parked cars ended up on the Lamborghini's roof. Of course, it wasn't his fault. It was caused by a slow-moving car who emerged without looking from a service station, clipping the Lambo which sent it into the cars. I feel sorry for the insurance agency!



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