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After a bridge collapsed, this criminal posed as an Army Captain and directed the cleanup!

When the courts sentence someone to community service, I don’t think this is what they mean.

The state of Oklahoma has endured its fair share of disasters. However, few took as unexpected a twist as this one.

On May 26, 2002, a barge-carrying towboat suffered a blackout on the Arkansas river. Because of this, Captain Joe Dedmon lost control of his vessel.

With nobody to steer it, the ship rammed into a small part of Interstate 40, causing that section of the road to come crashing down.

In the face of this tragic accident, which took the lives of 14 people, officials and Oklahoma citizens rushed to the scene to help with rescue operations and debris cleanup.

Among these was William James Clark, a twice-convicted felon. By posing as an Army Captain, Clark led the rescue effort for two days, during which he gave orders to FBI agents and commandeered equipment for use on the scene.

After his two-day stunt, Clark fled to the north, where he was eventually captured in Canada.


Over 30 million people in China live in energy-efficient caves! Some even have electricity!

I guess, when stuck between a rock and a hard place, these people chose the rock option.

In China, more that 30 million people find their shelter in caves. However, these unusual forms of housing are more comfortable than you might think.

The Loess plateau, located in the Shaanxi province, is very distinct. Known for its cliffs made of yellow, easily-pliable dirt, it acts as the primary site of China’s cave dwelling citizens.

Many people reinforce their caves with brick structures. Some connect multiple caves together to create larger homes. Families can even bring in running water and electricity.

By their nature, caves act as their own air conditioning and heating system, providing warmth during the winter and cooler temperatures during the summer.

Further, caves are one of the greenest forms of housing available, as their designs generally work with nature, not against or in spite of it.

Because of their popularity, caves provide a solid investment for real-estate speculators. For example, a 750 square foot cave can be sold for almost $50,000, with higher-end caves going for much more.


The border between Bangladesh and India is so complex that part of each country rests in the other!

Border agreements between countries are often pretty complicated.

However, none are as head-scratchingly confusing as the territory arrangement between India and Bangladesh.

Like most nations of the world, India and Bangladesh share a common border. In addition to this, though, the two countries have a number of ‘enclaves’ within each other.

This means that the government of Bangladesh owns portions of land located completely inside India, while India owns similar lands in Bangladesh.

According to legend, these enclaves were created when two old kings, the Maharaja of Rangpur and the Raja of Koch Bihar, used them as wagers in a high-stakes game of some sort. However, historical records show that these border disputes were created by a confusing treaty between the Mughal Empire and Koch Bihar.

In total, India owns 106 enclaves and Bangladesh owns 92. The Prime Ministers of both countries are working to fix these border disputes.

Other countries own enclaves as well, though not nearly to the degree of India and Bangladesh. For example, Vatican City is an enclave located inside Rome.


Some awesome lists!

A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat.

Now you can go beyond just licking your plate clean. A company in Taiwan literally makes plates, spoons, bowls, and chopsticks out of wheat- so you can EAT your utensils! They were inspired by trenchers; plates cut from stale loaves of bread to hold food , salt, and even candles during the Medieval times.

The disposable dinnerware is made from hardtack, a biscuit dough made from flour, water, and salt that has been traditionally used as dry emergency rations at sea. The dishes can be kept up for months when dry. The dishes are produced by the Koratt bakery and cafe, and were exhibited by Designing 10 in Fukoka, Japan.


Many deaths are associated with this famous bridge, but it's actually one of the world's safest!

If you've ever been worried about the thousands of people and vehicles crossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge every day, let us put your mind to rest.

Trust us, this bridge can handle the extreme stress.

Strangely, that's because the engineers who originally built the wonder thought they would be working with some really awful material and had to overcompensate.

The bridge was planned to be overbuilt since manufacturer fraud was all too common in that era.

The materials the builders got, primarily the wire that went into the main cables, were substandard and would barely hold if it was planned like a normal bridge should. Upon construction, even with the bad wires, the cables had a safety factor of five, or about five times stronger than they actually needed to be.

Even though the bridge may be safe, that doesn't mean there isn't death and tragedy surrounding it. Nearly 40 lives were lost while building it, including the man who was the creative genius behind the design and his son who took on the project after his death. When it finally opened, a dozen people were trampled to death when people thought the bridge was giving way.

Since then, the record's been astonishingly clean. Only one death was caused by the bridge itself; in 1981, a Japanese tourist was killed by two diagonal stays when they snapped and fell onto the promenade.



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