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This guy has the highest IQ of all time! Find out what he spent his childhood doing!

Everyone feels like the dumb guy in the room when Kim Ung-yong steps in. Why? He's the world record holder for the highest IQ at a score of an astounding 210!

He is was born in 1963 in Seoul, South Korea and was a child prodigy of epic proportions. He became a chatterbox at 6 months old and started reading Japanese, Korean, German, English and other languages by his third birthday.

By a year later he memorized nearly 2000 words in English and German and enjoyed writing poetry and short books of essays in many languages.

By four years old he scored more than 200 on an IQ test that was normally given to 7-year-olds.

As of 2007 he worked as a Korean civil engineer. In 1990 the Guiness retired the "Highest IQ" category since IQ tests were too unreliable to name a single record holder.


This guy was Kim Jong-Il's sushi chef and escaped to Japan after years of service

It's rare that a defector from North Korea is able to escape, live and be bold enough to talk about it.

Luckily some do, and even luckier is that this one dealt with the supreme leader, Kim Jong-Il on a near daily basis.

Oh, the stories he could tell!

And he does, in his very own book.

Kenju Fujimoto is a pen name for the Japanese man who claimed to be Kim Jong-Il's personal sushi chef from 1988 to 2001. He accepted the job at a salary of £45,000 a year and was given two Mercedes cars.

The two quickly became close companions as they did nearly everything together.

When he left, he didn't leave peaceably, but managed to utilize the trust of his “employers” to make his escape.

He promised to make a highly sought after sea urchin dish that required a trip to Japan for the creature. Kim Jong-Il replied “That's a great idea. Go for it!”

He never returned and lived in hiding, evading North Korean agents. Eventually he wrote the book “I was Kim Jong Il's Cook” and didn't feel safe without a bullet-resistant vest after it was published.


Every German Driver Must Be Trained In First Aid Upon Taking Drivers Test. No Aid Kit, No Driving!

If you thought parallel parking was the hardest part of your driving test, think again!

German drivers and future drivers must take a first-aid training course in order to receive their license. But that's not all!

One must also carry a first-aid kit in their car 24/7. This is usually done through the German Red Cross or a partner through the Red Cross.

The basic first aid course is 4 double hours long and it is necessary for all car and motorcycle licenses. Four double hours is equal to 6.5 normal hours. If you are driving something larger such as a bus, truck or even a commercial vehicle like a taxi, then you must receive an extended first aid course.

In the course, you will learn CPR, accident site tips, recovery, shock and more. However, you must register in advance before doing so. If you are from another country, you will need to pass a first aid test administered in Germany in order to receive a driver's license there.


Some awesome lists!

There are hundreds of 1000-year-old underground tunnel systems in Europe, and nobody really knows who built them

Once in a while archaeologists will come across a tunnel or artifact and have no idea where or when it came from.

Even then, it’s usually possible to figure that out eventually. It’s remarkable, then, that there are hundreds—possibly thousands—of underground tunnels under Europe that are a total mystery.

These are called erdstall tunnels, and they are very narrow at about 3 feet 3 inches to 4 feet 7 inches tall and about two feet across.

There are also some connecting tunnels that are even smaller where older or overweight people cannot fit through.

Some tunnel systems feature loop tunnels at the end of a tunnel. Most tunnel systems are not longer than 160 feet.

The age of the tunnels has been approximately determined at being from around the Middle Ages, but with a lack of any artifacts found within them, it’s hard to be more exact.

For the same reason, it’s unlikely that these tunnels were used as hiding places or dwellings for any reason, though that hasn’t been ruled out. The most widely accepted theory is that they were religious in nature, possibly belonging to a non-Christian cult.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that these tunnels, which there are hundreds of, are never mentioned in historical texts. Maybe we’ll never know where they came from.


Ireland is not the drunkest country in the world.

Contrary to all those "Irish jokes," that we hear so much this time of year, Ireland isn't the most wasted country in the world. Nope, Ireland actually ranks 15th for pure alcohol consumption among adults in litres per capita per year.

The United States, surprisingly, also isn't very high up on this list; it ranks at 53rd place. It doesn't even make the top 50! Come on guys, step up your game!

Meanwhile, the drunkest country in the world is little Moldova, where the average adult consumes 18.22 liters of pure alcohol each year. Then we have the Czech Republic in second place, Hungary in third place, and Russia in forth place.

It should be emphasized that the rankings are based on PURE alcohol consumption. It does not take into account individual drinks. For example, while it is at first place, Moldova consumes nearly half the amount of beer that 15th place Ireland consumes.



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