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New ideas in dementia care include fake villages for patients of the brain disease. Find out more

Sometimes families can be torn apart while deciding how to handle certain situations regarding the care of their elders with dementia. Loving sons and daughters don't want to leave their mothers and fathers with people that they don't know in places they've never been. Some simply don't want to have to deal with the burden of taking care of their family members at home—the stress of constant maintenance becomes too much for busy average Joes.

The creators of Hogewey in the Netherlands are completely aware of the difficulties of helping those with dementia. The place is filled with fake shops and restaurants to accommodate the life style of those suffering from severe forms of the common brain disease. With more than enough caregivers to handle the patients, the care facility is home to anything from a salon to a grocery store.

This creative solution to the difficulties of caring for our precious loved ones was started by two nurses who didn't want to put their own parents in traditional homes for the elderly. Though this idea of a 'fake' village for dementia patients is still in it's infant stages, other countries such as Germany and Switzerland have already began looking into creating their own versions of the facility. This could quite possibly be the future of dementia care.


Seattle, Washington is building a park where you can forage for your own food! Find out why

A lot of people today are driven to think consciously about the decisions they make regarding their health. Most restaurants are attempting to follow trends towards natural food ingredients, and it's only fair that the people should have their own opportunities to eat well at home.

Seattle, Washington is among the forerunners to jump on the bandwagon of public healthy eating. They have recently announced plans to develop a 7-acre piece of land into a food forest mostly open to all kinds of foraging. What makes this effort most impressive is perhaps it's location. This aspiring eco increase is set to be built smack-dab in the middle of Seattle.

The hope behind the effort is that those who work in the inner city, the middle class, will be able to pick from the natural and delicious foods that will dot the landscape of the park.

So far the effort will be named the Beacon Food Forest and will feature apples, pears, plums, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and plenty more.


There is a treehouse that is over 90 feet tall!

The tree that the house resides in is 80 feet tall and over 12 feet long.

This tree comfortably holds an 11 floor, 8000 square foot, over 250,000 nail wonder that would put every eight year old's tree house to shame.

The house stands at 97 feet tall, which means that it is 17 feet taller than the tree it resides in.

The creator of the treehouse, Horrace Burgess, is 56 years old and has said that he put over $12,000 into the building of the structure.

Also, Burgess says that he is not done making his monument in the trees. He's not stopping at floor #11! Do you want to move into this treehouse? I know I do. Tell us what you think about the colossal cabana in the comments below!


Some awesome lists!

Both men and women are generally less happy in relationships if the woman earns more than the men. How can an equilibrium be reached?

Research has revealed that girls work harder at school and generally get better grades. This is not breaking news, as we have all heard this before. It is also not because girls are brighter—it is just that boys tend to be a bit lazier and they take school less seriously, in general.

What is surprising about that, however, is that it would stand to reason that hardworking girls, when grown up, would get better paying positions than the men who spent their teenage years goofing around and drinking beer. But men still don't like their wives to earn more than them according to a recent study conducted by Marianne Bertrand, Emir Kamenica and Jessica Pan at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.

The findings show that it is not only the husbands who are unhappy in these marriages where the women earn more. The women are also far from content. The study found that when a wife earns more than her husband, the risk of divorce rises, too. It also caused marriage rates to drop.

Women continue to outperform men in school, so more high-earning women are on their way. The solution to bridge the gap therefore seems glaringly obvious, doesn't it?


If your baby's pacifier falls on the floor, experts say cleaning it with your mouth may be better than soap and water

For as long as there have been crying babies, there have been parents who want to pacify them. But that presents a new dilemma: What to do when your baby's pacifier falls on the ground and there is no sink around? Since conventional wisdom has always held that washing and rinsing a pacifier under soapy water is the choice of conscientious parents, this left no choice but to tuck the pacifier away until a sink or a new pacifier presented itself.

But no more. Dr. Max Gomez of CBS asserts that soapy water may not be best for baby. Instead, pop that pacifier in your mouth to remove any offending germs, and then (yep) just put it right back in baby's mouth. Research has proven that babies need to have some challenges to their immune systems early in life so they can build their resistance. Being too vigilant can undermine the opportunity for babies to exercise their abilities to fight germs.

Dr. Elissa Rubin of Happy and Healthy Pediatrics says, " . . . The parent's saliva, which contains normal bacteria, can actually colonize our children with the good bacteria and that may have incredible health benefits." In fact, new research from the journal Pediatrics studied 184 kids and found that children whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them had a lower risk of developing both eczema and asthma.

The doctors are careful to specify that if the pacifier falls into animal feces or a puddle of gas or oil, no one (not even the parents with the heartiest immune systems) should put that in his or her mouth. But on your average floor, parents could be doing their children a favor by sucking that pacifier first. So don't feel guilty that you're too lazy to find a sink—you're in fact being a good parent.



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