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Thor's hammer has a short handle because the dwarf working the bellows was interrupted in his task by Loki, disguised as a fly!

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, was supposed to have a very impressive hammer with a long handle that was intended to be wielded with both hands – a weapon worthy of a god.

The making of Thor’s hammer started with a bet.

Loki bet his head that the dwarf Sindri and his brother Brokkr would never be able to make items as beautiful as those made by the Sons of Ivaldi, who made Odin’s spear.

They accept the bet and get to work.

Sindri put some iron in the forge and told his brother to never, under any circumstances, stop pumping the bellows until he returned to remove the iron from the forge.

Bokkr faithfully pumped the bellows as instructed.

Loki, with his head on the line, disguised himself as a fly and as soon as Sindri was out of sight, he bit Bokkr on the eyelid.

The bite was so hard that it caused Bokkr’s eyelid to bleed!

The blood ran into his eye. He stopped pumping the bellows just long enough to wipe the blood away, but when Sindri returned and removed the iron meant to be Thor’s hammer, the disruption caused the handle to be much shorter than intended.

Despite the flaw, the hammer was so beautiful that Bokkr and Sindri won the bet. They did not take Loki’s head, but sewed his mouth shut instead.


An Illinois man intentionally caused a major flood with the hopes of stranding his wife so that he could have an affair!

James Scott lived in Fowler, Illinois, during the Great Flood of 1993.

Residents in and around Quincy and Hannibal spent a great deal of July reinforcing the Mid Quincy levee to keep the town and its surrounds from flooding.

On the night of July 16, Scott, a habitual criminal, decided he wanted to be free from the nagging of his wife, Suzie, who had a job on the Missouri side of the river.

He wanted to party, go fishing and have an affair without fear of being caught or any spousal interference. He came up with a plan only a criminally minded person would conceive of – he broke the levee!

As he hoped, the ensuing flood washed out all the bridges for 200 miles! Suzie and many other people had to find alternative ways to get across the river for several weeks.

A barge was sucked into the levee and slammed into a gas station causing a fire to break out. Several businesses in West Quincy were completely destroyed! Luckily nobody was killed in the incident.

An old friend of Scott, Joe Flachs, told authorities that James told him of his plan to break the levee so that he can live it up a bit while his wife would be stranded.

Scott was found guilty of intentionally causing a catastrophe and was sentenced to 10 years to life in prison and he will only be eligible for parole in 2023. He is serving his time in the Jefferson City Correctional Center, where there won’t be any fishing or partying for James!


Russian embalmers did such an excellent job at preserving the body of Vladimir Lenin, that Ho Chi Minh's corpse was flown to Russia yearly to be 'refreshed'!

Some nations find it hard to let go of their dear, deceased leaders, it seems, and they want them to be on permanent display after their death.

North Korea, China and Russia are known to have their leaders embalmed to last yet another lifetime and they are placed on permanent display!

Russian embalmers are truly experts in their field and they went to great lengths to keep the body of the founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, in excellent condition.

They did such a good job of it that Vietnam’s former leader Ho Chi Minh’s corpse was flown to Russia on a yearly basis to be ‘refreshed’!

It is also Russian experts who preserved the body of Kim II-sung, the father of Kim Jong-il.

Although Lenin’s body can still be viewed for five minutes at a time in small groups, it has taken on a wax-fruit look despite the warm lighting that is supposed to make it look ‘alive’.

His skin is washed weekly with a mild bleach to fight discoloring fungus and mold and every eighteen months his corpse gets a chemical bath of glycerol and potassium, lasting thirty days.

Ironically, Vladimir Lenin stated in his will that he wished to be buried in the ground after his death, but due to public outcry the body was preserved for generations to come.


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Fatal familial insomnia is just as scary as it sounds...exhaustion can lead to your eventual death!

Insomnia causes problems for people all around the world, but if you suffer from insomnia, be thankful it’s not Fatal familial insomnia.

If it was, you wouldn’t have to worry about being tired for too long because, as the name suggests, you’d soon be dead.

This isn’t something that can be caught and treated, either. This disease has no known cure.

The average survival time after being diagnosed is about 18 months. It wouldn’t be an easy 18 months, either, as the progressively worsening insomnia causes hallucinations, delirium, and confusional states like that of dementia.

This disease is so stubborn that one man with it was admitted to a hospital where they tried to put him into an induced coma, only to find out that his brain failed to shut down completely.

This disease is extremely rare and only affects 100 people in 40 families. It is usually due to an inherited gene, but there is a variation which can lead to someone without the mutation in their family to develop the disease. In that case it is called sporadic fatal insomnia.

You wouldn’t know you have this disease until you were middle aged, as that’s when the onset would be. Because of this, people with a history of the disease in their family are encouraged to get tested before having children and passing it along to them.

If only one parent has the gene, there is a 50% chance that a child inherits the disease.


Dresden, Germany, introduced a PAYT waste management system that has reduced the amount of waste generated by 50%!

Dresden, Germany, introduced a Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) system to better regulate waste disposal and management.

The idea is to make consumers aware of how much waste they create, and to make the cost of waste disposal fair for the consumer.

With the PAYT system, citizens only pay for the amount of waste they need removed. Before, waste disposal was included in taxes and municipal fees.

This meant that everybody paid the same amount, no matter how much they recycled or threw away.

Since introducing the PAYT system in 1994, the amount of waste generated in Dresden has dropped by an impressive 50% despite the fact that income and consumption have steadily increased!

Consumers have become aware of how much waste they create as the waste is weighed, and disposal is charged per kilogram of waste.

The citizens now make compost and recycle waste instead of unthinkingly throwing everything in the bin. This inevitably has had a positive effect on the environment as not everything is dumped on landfills anymore.

Everybody is very happy with the system because it's fair. Each individual household is only charged for what the throw away and many households can now save money, as they no longer have to pay a set municipal fee.



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