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Walt Disney World might have been in St Louis were it not for a rude comment made at just the wrong time

In November 1963, Walt Disney, seeing his Californian Disneyland development doing so well, decided to open a second attraction. By all accounts he had settled on the town of Saint Louis as the location for his next venture, but this all changed at a cocktail party the night before he was due to sign the deal.

At the party, the then head of Anheuser-Busch Breweries, August Busch Jr., Stated that any man who designs an attraction in Saint Louis, expecting it to be a success, but does not sell beer and liquor ought to have his head read. Apparently this statement insulted the wholesome family image Disney was cultivating and he left the following day never having signed the deal.

In reality, the story might well have been an elaborate ruse to hide what Disney was really up to. Disney needed to purchase vast tracts of land in Orlando for his new development, but was acutely aware of the fact that, once land owners got wind of his plans, they would drive real estate prices up.

The cocktail party story, coupled with other rumours that Disney was interested in Saint Louis, served to keep attention away from Orlando. Disney was able to purchase the required 43 square miles for just $5 million, and by 1965 Walt Disney World Orlando was on it's way to becoming the most visited attraction in the world.


These two men were admitted to the hospital on the same night, and that's just the beginning of the bizarre coincidences!

Speak of coincidences! The man on the left's name is Geraint Woolford, age 52. The other's? Well, Geraint Woolford, age 77.

They were both admitted to the hospital on the same night for surgeries, and given the same room, which surprised the elder Geraint who was already in the room. Imagine the confusion if someone walked in with your name! Crazier yet, they were the ONLY two people in England with that name!

What else did they share in common? They were both retired, they both were once policemen, and they were both were members of their local conservation societies! One was a former president, and the younger one was a current vice-president.

With no relation in their family, they managed to become good friends, joking with (and frustrating) the hospital staff as they asked them to double check if it was the right Geraint Woolford. What are the odds of sharing a name? Or, what are the odds of sharing a name, career, place of volunteering, and surgery dates?


Find yourself dreaming more often? You might just be suffering from depression

Research has found a definite link between depression and an increase in dreaming. Everyone dreams when they sleep; some can't recall the dreams moments after waking up, while others can describe them in vivid detail. Nobody quite knows why, but on average a person will dream between four to six times a night.

Unfortunately, dreams seem to center around three main emotions—anger, anxiety, and elation. Thus, the odds are a stacked against having a pleasant dream.

Depression sufferers have reported between three to four times as many dreams as average. And to make matters worse, their dreams seem to exhibit far more intense emotions and focus on negative themes and even nightmares.

Some psychologists are of the opinion that these dreams, while related to the neuroscience of depression, can actually make the depression worse. This has lead to an emerging trend in research to develop an "anti-sleep" pill that will allow patients to sleep less, and thus, dream less.


Some awesome lists!

Ever air out a small cut or scrape so that it will heal faster? Sorry, but that's just about the worst thing you could do

It's been a time-honored response by parents and caregivers worldwide: Clean out that small cut or scrape, stop the bleeding, and let it air. This approach was long thought to hasten healing by allowing the body to create a scab, and thus fix itself.

Studies have now revealed that by keeping a small wound covered and moist for at least five days can significantly increase the healing time. It turns out that leaving the wound open creates a dry environment which promotes cell death, while covering the injury and keeping it moist creates an environment that promotes cell regeneration. Additionally, the cover also reduces the number of cells that cause inflammation, thereby further enhancing the healing process.

There is a caveat though; adding antibiotic ointments in the interests of keeping the wound moist can actually interfere with the healing process of the body. It would seem that good old Vaseline is still the best option, just as your grandmother always told you.


The first thing ever to be bought and sold on the internet was a bag of marijuana!

The 2013 Global Drugs Survey reported that drug dealing on the internet was on the rise. This may have been shocking news to a lot of people, but the truth is that marijuana was the very first thing ever to have been sold and bought on the internet. The first bag of this "herb" was sold online over 40 years ago!

In the early 1970s, Stanford students at Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory engaged in a drug deal with their counterparts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, using Arpanet accounts. They used the network to arrange the purchase of undetermined amounts of marijuana.

All types of drugs—legal and illegal—have since been sold on the internet. In 2012, researchers found 73 new types of drugs being sold by about 700 websites in Europe. In the 60s, 70s and 80s the drug menu mainly consisted of marijuana, LSD, cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines. Today the list is mind-blowing and many of those are even legal.

Unfortunately, many of the new drugs sold on the internet today are untested, rare compounds of unknown purity that are sold by unscrupulous drug dealers. These people have no concern for the well-being of their customers. As these compounds were never designed to be drugs, they can lead to sickness, high blood-pressure, and kidney failure.

Drug sales on the internet are accelerating and millions of drug deals are taking place each year. It seems the drug trade has reached an all time "high."



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