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The rapping mathlete from Mean Girls is now a sought after calligrapher!

Although the movie Mean Girls featured many memorable characters, few eclipsed Kevin Gnapoor, the overly self-confident mathlete. The character was played by Rajiv Surendra, who is now a well sought after calligrapher!

On his website he writes that he became interested in penmanship and calligraphy around 12 years ago when he discovered old letters from the mid 1800’s. He began with a pencil, then adapted to a ballpoint pen.

Eventually he discovered he could only reach his desired level by using original pens from the era with tiny metal nibs. He now has his own antique cherry birds-eye maple worktable and authentic rosewood writing slope.

He has even been contacted by Starbucks to design banners for new locations! Who would have thought Kevin G. Would go from rapping about math to calligraphy!


A Food Network's superstar chef was the director of photography for an REM music video!

Alton Brown's steady cam skills jump started his career in food and television. As an undergraduate theater student at UGA, Brown honed his film and photography skills.

He landed a job with a small production company that had previously worked with REM on a few of their music videos.

When the production company began working with a New York artist who was a good friend of REM's lead vocalist, Brown's work was noticed and the producer offered him an opportunity to help shoot the music video for the band's hit, "The One I Love".

This led to a series of partnerships with MTV as Alton continued to shoot music videos and learned more about the world of television. He was a credit short from graduating when he decided to pursue his passion of food.

Not an unsuccessful choice, seeing as he has now launched and hosted a variety of famous shows on the food net work from "Iron Chef America" to "Good Eats". For those curious about his college degree, Alton did end up earning his bachelors in 2004.

What happened was, UGA informed him that they'd changed their graduation requirements, which then allowed him to "walk across the stage." Brown has since delivered the graduation speech to the 2010 graduating class, touching on the meandering path of his life's work.


When California banned certain rifles, Barret cut all its contracts with the state's law enforcement agencies!

Barrett Firearms Manufacturer is a producer and distributer of firearms and ammunition. Developed in 1982 by Ronnie Barrett, the company's sole purpose was to design and sell powerful semi-automatic rifles chambered for NATO ammunition.

Barrett's passion for his business and attention to detail led him to design every single aspect of the rifle as well as mass produce and market it with the money from his own pocket. His endeavor was successful.

Barrett's M82, named appropriately after the year it was created, was first sold to Sweden and later to US Armed Forces and used in the Gulf war.

Currently, Barrett has contracts with dozens of countries across the world, and the companies success has led them to develop a variety of other rifles ranging in price and materials.

And while Barrett's main customers are law enforcement agencies, he evidently believes in the right of civilians to own a rifle, as well, which is why in 2011 he suspended all contracts with California's law enforcement agencies in response to the state's civilian ownership of .50 BMG rifles.


Some awesome lists!

There's a religion that believes CTRL+C and CTRL+V are sacred acts!

The countless uses of CTRL+C and CTRL+ V each day saves time and energy, but according to some people, it is also a sacred act.

The religion of Kopimism, created in Sweden, believes in the free transfer of knowledge and information, therefore the copy and paste functions are viewed as sacred symbols.

Kopimism was developed by a 19 year-old Swedish Philosophy student. Followers of the religion oppose the monopolization of information in all forms such as copy right and piracy laws.

The spiritual tenets of the religions hold copying as the ideal, as a tool for learning, as an art form, as well as an expression of respect. And, according to the doctrines of the religion, the Internet is holy and and copying information is ethically right.

On January 5, 2012, Kopimism was accepted by Sweden as a legitimate religion, but this does not mean that the religion's affiliation with illegal file sharing will be excused under Sweden's Zero Tolerance Policy toward broken copyright laws.


The witness protection program has never had a security breach where a member's been harmed!

Despite what most Hollywood movies depict, the real-life witness protection program is highly successful. In fact, since it's establishment in 1971, the program has had 100% success rate with it's members' new identities.

The Witness Protection Protection program was put into place to protect threatened witnesses during before or after a trial in which their safety might be in jeopardy.

Out of the 9900 family members and 8500 witnesses, none have been harmed during the program's history. Most witnesses, ironically, are criminals whose names, identities, and locations must be changed in order to save them from potential harm.

Once witnesses enter the program they are given the appropriate documents, job training, money for basic expenses, as well as health care in order to live a new and productive life.

While some might think this drastic change is a mandatory assignment, witnesses actually enter the program voluntarily and are free to leave at any time and return to their old identities (although it is highly discouraged).



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