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An oil rig once caused an entire lake to drain!

Lake Peigneur was at one point a shallow fresh water body that existed above the salt mine near Vermillion Bay in Louisiana. This all changed in November of 1980 when a drill bit owned by Texaco Oil Company dug a bit too deep into the bedrock of the lake and entered the salt mine below.

The 14 inch hole quickly expanded draining the entire shallow lake into the cavernous mine. The suction created a whirlpool that swallowed eleven barges, a drilling platform, and 65 acres of surrounding trees in it's wake. Eventually nine out of the eleven barges popped back to the surface once water pressure equalized.

Amazingly, no human lives were lost during this man-made disaster. All 55 miners were able to escape before being swallowed with the barges, and the Texaco workers were also quick enough to dodge the whirlpool.

But, the structure of Lake Peigneur was permanently altered. The force of the collapse caused the canal connecting the lake to Vermillion Bay to reverse the direction of it's flow. Geysers, caused by trapped air pockets beneath the new lake, erupted soaring 400 feet above the surface, and the water itself changed from fresh to salt due to reverse in flow, effecting the lake's ecosystem.


Gold is edible!

Though it was no nutritional value or taste for that matter, I guess some people just feel powerful digesting it. Edible gold leaves are generally used to decorate food. In candy making, a sheet can be used to cover whole candies like chocolates or truffles or applied sparingly as a decorative touch.

Edible gold leaves are made out of gold that is as pure as possible; 22-24 carats. Gold with a smaller carat value are riddled with impurities and less safe to eat. If you really hate your money, you should know that they are readily available online from specialty gold distributers, auction sites, and even


Every year, about 6000 US patients have surgical tools left inside them!

Yay health care system. Thousands patients every year in America take a little souvenir home from their surgery. Occasionally, we hear about forceps, clamps, and hardware showing up in X-Rays but generally these are not the problem. Most of the time, it’s the gauzy, cotton sponges used for soaking up fluids that doctors leave in their patients.

The consequences of this are not pretty. Many patients suffer for months or years from pain, digestive problems, etc. Before anyone notices. But usually, by the time the doctor’s little mistake is picked up on, an infection has already formed. The complications from these infections can and often do last a lifetime. Some people lose parts of their intestines, others their lives.

Yet despite all this, thousands of hospitals and surgical centers have failed to adopt technologies that will eliminate the risk of leaving sponges in their patients.


Some awesome lists!

A radical Islamic sect lived underground for over ten years!

In Russia, a radical Islamic sect was recently discovered living in an underground bunker without heat or sunlight for nearly a decade! The bunker is located on the outskirts of the city of Kazan.

The group is known as the Fayzrahmanist Sect, which derives it's name from Fayzrahman Satarov, an 83-year-old who declared himself a prophet. There were 20 children living there, some of whom had never seen the light of day until the sect was discovered! The youngest was only 18 months and had lived it's entire life underground.

Police and media quickly surrounded the bunker and an investigation occurred. It was decided that although the children were living a different life and were covered in filth, they were being fed and cared for. Prosecutors have begun an investigation and hope to disband the group!


Edgar Allan Poe had a theory very similar to the Big Bang 80 years before it was scientifically formulated!

Eureka was published in 1848 and is a long non-fiction work by Edgar Allan Poe (best known for his poem The Raven). He subtitled it “A Prose Poem” though it has also been subtitled as “An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe.” The work explains Poe’s intuitive idea of the nature of the universe but provides no scientific evidence to support this idea.

While Eureka has been considered to not have any scientific worth or merit, it essentially describes the Big Bang. Poe hypothesized that the universe began from a single originating particle which divided into all the particles of the universe. He did think however, that God set this all into motion. He also described black holes and expressed a theory shockingly similar to the Big Crunch theory.



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