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Bamboo can be used to make yarn twice as soft as cotton!

Bamboo isn’t just for pandas and interior decoration. It can be used to make extremely soft yarn for weaving. This yarn becomes shirts, scarves, pants, and other things you didn’t think bamboo could become.

In order to make yarn, seasoned stalks are cut into smaller pieces of raw bamboo. These are soaked in an environmentally friendly solution approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The solution breaks down the bamboo fibers, thus extracting the bamboo pulp which is then dried into sheets. Once dried, these sheets are milled into a soft material known as bamboo fluff. The fiber is then separated and spun into thread that’s used to create yarn for weaving.

The end result: Cloth that is as soft as cotton, luxurious as cashmere, and environmentally friendly as bamboo.


In 2007, a man discovered that five maggots were living in his scalp!

Try finding a shampoo for that.

When Aaron Dallas returned from a relatively successful vacation in Belize in the summer of 2007, he noticed that he had several bumps on his scalp. Doctors initially pointed to insect bites or shingles, until the bumps started moving.

It turned out that five maggots had set up camp INSIDE his scalp. He could feel and hear them moving inside him, but thought that it was just blood rushing around. Luckily, the doctors were able to remove them.

Dallas wasn’t the only maggot-infested human. When Rochelle Harris returned to England from Peru, she began to suffer from headaches, soreness in the face, and aural discharge cased by maggots in her ear. The doctors tried to drown them out with olive oil, but at the end, eight live maggots were removed surgically.


There were about as many non-Jews killed in the Holocaust!

No event is modern history is more horrifying or infamous than the Holocaust and WWII. While it is true that Hitler blamed many of Germany’s and the world’s problems on the Jews, most people do not know that he also targeted a number of other people.

It is true that as a group Jews were targeted in much greater numbers than any other group, however it is believed that around 11 million people were executed in German concentration camps. 6 million Jews are believed to have been murdered.

This leaves 5 million others who were also sent to their deaths. So who were they? Some were Christian, and some were prisoners of war. Gypsies and homosexuals were especially targeted, along with blacks and the disabled. Together, the figure adds up to around 5 million.


Some awesome lists!

The rapping mathlete from Mean Girls is now a sought after calligrapher!

Although the movie Mean Girls featured many memorable characters, few eclipsed Kevin Gnapoor, the overly self-confident mathlete. The character was played by Rajiv Surendra, who is now a well sought after calligrapher!

On his website he writes that he became interested in penmanship and calligraphy around 12 years ago when he discovered old letters from the mid 1800’s. He began with a pencil, then adapted to a ballpoint pen.

Eventually he discovered he could only reach his desired level by using original pens from the era with tiny metal nibs. He now has his own antique cherry birds-eye maple worktable and authentic rosewood writing slope.

He has even been contacted by Starbucks to design banners for new locations! Who would have thought Kevin G. Would go from rapping about math to calligraphy!


A Food Network's superstar chef was the director of photography for an REM music video!

Alton Brown's steady cam skills jump started his career in food and television. As an undergraduate theater student at UGA, Brown honed his film and photography skills.

He landed a job with a small production company that had previously worked with REM on a few of their music videos.

When the production company began working with a New York artist who was a good friend of REM's lead vocalist, Brown's work was noticed and the producer offered him an opportunity to help shoot the music video for the band's hit, "The One I Love".

This led to a series of partnerships with MTV as Alton continued to shoot music videos and learned more about the world of television. He was a credit short from graduating when he decided to pursue his passion of food.

Not an unsuccessful choice, seeing as he has now launched and hosted a variety of famous shows on the food net work from "Iron Chef America" to "Good Eats". For those curious about his college degree, Alton did end up earning his bachelors in 2004.

What happened was, UGA informed him that they'd changed their graduation requirements, which then allowed him to "walk across the stage." Brown has since delivered the graduation speech to the 2010 graduating class, touching on the meandering path of his life's work.



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