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Samurai in feudal Japan were allowed to execute civilians who paid them disrespect!

Samurai warriors were the primary military and lower nobility of medieval and feudal Japan. Samurai described themselves as followers of Bushido, or "The Way of the Warrior."

A tradition passed down through generations, Bushido stated that the path of the warrior was one of honor. Highly valued traits were duty to one's master and loyalty until death.

Being a high-ranking samurai came with many benefits and rewards. Primary among all of them was respect, and any person who paid them disrespect would fall under their katana. In order to keep their honor, samurai in Japan were allowed to execute civilians that disrespected them.

The other important right that samurai were given was the ability to carry weapons in public. Legally, they were the only social class allowed to bear arms.


Nigeria is notorious for counterfeiting drugs. They once donated 88,000 fake doses of meningitis vaccine to Niger!

One of the biggest threats concerning to Africa's health in the last few years has been meningitis. Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria, among others, have most affected by this outbreak.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is also considered one of the most corrupt countries in the world, particularly when it comes to the counterfeiting of drugs.

In 1995, Niger received 88,000 doses of meningitis vaccine from it's neighbor Nigeria. But before long, the authorities realized that the doses were completely fake. Making it worse, almost 60,000 people had already been treated with whatever they contained: Water, or worse.


Mothers, don't let your kids overeat. Being fat as child can lead to lower IQ as an adult!

Those who weren't very bright as kids have a higher risk of suffering from obesity in their adult life.

Scientists have found a connection between overweight toddlers and lower IQ scores, cognitive delays, and the development of brain lesions similar to those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

The mechanism for this is not known, but researchers believe that the metabolic toll that obesity can take on children also effects their cognitive development.


Some awesome lists!

Breyers Ice Cream is not legally considered ice cream! How can that be possible?

How it is possible that one of the most popular ice cream brands in the US is not considered real ice cream?

If you pay close attention to their label, it says "frozen dairy dessert." Breyer's Ice Cream, the company that used to pride itself on using only a few all natural ingredients, had to change their labels. Based on the ingredients they use, they now legally can't sell their product as ice cream.

In 2006, they stopped using all-natural ingredients and started using food additives like tara gum, maltodextrin, and propylene glycol. Their products don't have enough milk and cream to actually be consider an ice cream anymore!


'Happy Birthday' was the first song to ever be played on another planet, but it's not the happiest story—think Wall-E

NASA sent the first man to the moon, numerous rovers to Mars, and now, they have broken history once more by being a part of the first time a song from Earth has been 'played' on another planet.

In August 2013, the Mars Rover Curiosity had been on the red planet for one year, taking over 70,000 photos and studying samples of the soil. On its birthday, NASA had programmed the lonely little drone to vibrate at different frequencies so it sounded like the robot was singing Happy Birthday to itself—208 million miles away from home.

If you click the source to this article, you can find the video and listen to the sounds that the Mars Rover made to celebrate its incredibly lonely birthday. Be warned, its incredibly sad to imagine a sad little robot singing to itself.



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