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Terrorists blundered when they couldn't set a clock correctly!

Whenever Spring or Fall comes around, there's always one day that takes the toll of people's sleep, schedule, and timeliness.That is the switch to and from Daylight Saving Time.

Ever Spring we lose an hour of sleep, which we make back up a mere six to seven months later in the fall.

For the common person, this usually results in being late to work or falling a little behind, but for some Darwin Award winners it means pointless death.

In 1999, Palestinian terrorists were tripped up by Israels premature switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time too accommodate some pre-sunrise prayers. Being at odds with Israel, Palestinians refused to make the change, so nobody knew what the correct time really was.

On September 5, two car bombs went off at 5:30pm with the terrorists inside. The bombs were prepared using Palestine's Daylight Saving Time, but the drivers already set the car clocks to Standard Time.

The bombs blew up prematurely with the terrorists being the only victims.


A guy who killed 70-100 people is now roaming around free, because Brazil has maximum penalty of 30 years.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is a Brazilian serial killer who killed anywhere from 71 to over a hundred people before being convicted.

His first murder occurred when he was only 14 and he had killed 10 people before his 18th birthday.

His first victim was the vice-Mayor of Alfenas, Minas Gerais, because he fired his father, a school guard, at the time accused of stealing the school kitchen's food.

Then he murdered another guard, supposedly the real thief.

His next victims included a drug dealer and gangsters, the latter was a group who killed the woman he lived with.

Filho was born with a cracked skull because of his father beating his mother while he was still in the womb. Later in life, his father murdered his mother with a machete. To get revenge, Filho killed his father, cut out a piece of his heart, chewed it, and threw it away.

Pedro was first arrested on May 24, 1973. He was sentenced to prison and killed at least 47 inmates while incarcerated. He later claimed a total of 100 victims. His total confirmed victims are 71.

In 2003, he was sentenced to 126 years in prison, and that was changed to 400 years after the lives he claimed in prison.

The crazy thing is that, although he had a 400 year sentence, he is already out of prison. Brazilian law states that one can only be incarcerated for 30 years. Filho served 34 years behind bars before being released in 2007.

Besides the number of killings, Pedrinho became notorious in Brazil for promising the murder of other criminals, such as Francisco de Assis Pereira, a.k.a. The Park Maniac, another serial killer.


A Japanese millionaire eats the same thing for almost every meal—and what he eats will shock you!

Takashi Kotegawa is a self-made millionaire who turned his part-time earnings from college of $13,600 into $153 million by trading stocks over the course of eight years. The most lavish thing he's bought is a condo worth $4.2 million. The next most expensive thing? Two Nintendo Wii systems.

Despite being able to plunk down the cash for something a lot more grand, he only eats Cup Ramen! Why? He claims it saves time and keeps him from getting sleepy in the afternoons. No doubt that this gives him more time to trade stocks!

What makes those earnings even more impressive? The average median income in Japan is $24,147—and Kotegawa has made almost six thousand times that amount!


Some awesome lists!

Having sex while sick can reduce a fever due to the sweat produced.

Everyone knows that sex is enjoyable.

More than that, there are many other benefits to sex beyond just the fact that it is fun.

One is that it can help with a fever. Sex works as a natural antihistamine that combats fever and even asthma.

There is a lengthy list of other health benefits as well. Women's bodies produce more estrogen when they're having sex making their hair shinier and their skin softer.

Sex also burns calories and strengthens muscles.

It also sharpens senses and acts as a natural painkiller. Levels of the hormone oxytocin rise and release a deluge of endorphins. These endorphins calm pain that results from any number of maladies, from migraines to arthritis.


There's a portable cinema that is powered by a stationary bike!

A bicycle powered cinema is not a particularly original concept, but a bicycle powered cinema that can show a film to hundreds- now that’s a modern miracle. Now these cinemas aren’t used to showcase the Avengers or Breaking Dawn Part Two; they are highly portable and placed in some of the most remote villages in Africa to share conservation films with the local community.

The aim is to educate the locals and encourage them to protect the environments in which they live. Issues like deforestation, over-farming, and poaching are addressed. It is a hope that these cinemas can one day be used as extension of the classroom, so that students can view academic videos that can teach them more about the world that they should cherish and protect.



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