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The tallest blank wall in the world is a Manhattan skyscraper that is completely windowless! Find out why

New York City is known for their towering skyscrapers that give power company executives—and tourists—a bird's eye view of the city. However, there is one building that stands tall at 29 stories—and doesn't have a single window. What a waste of a fantastic view!

33 Thomas Street is the location of the former AT&T Long Lines Building, built in 1974 and standing at 550 feet in the Manhattan Borough. It's a prime example of Brutalist architectural style, sporting no windows and existing as a flat concrete face—not too appealing on the eyes.

The main purpose of the building was to house telephone switching equipment with average floor heights of 18 feet, much larger than an average high-rise, and incredibly hard floors that can hold up to 200-300 pounds per square foot.

Six large air ducts protrude from the side of the building on the 10th and 29th floors—the only openings to the outside. Many consider it one of the most secure buildings in the world, able to withstand nuclear fallout for up to two weeks after a blast. It's also been noted as "the tallest blank wall in the world." Not exactly a prime tourist attraction.


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Coffee is so influential in Turkish culture that their word for brown literally translates to 'the color of coffee'!

Turkish coffee is a method of preparing coffee with coffee beans ground into a very fine powder, hot water, and sugar. The best Turkish coffee will have a thick foam at the top without any noticeable particles in the foam or liquid.

This method of brewing coffee is highly influential in Turkish culture. Their word for breakfast, kahvalti, literally translates to 'before coffee', and their word for the color brown, 'kahverengi', literally means 'the color of coffee'. They also commonly call their coffeeshops 'qahwa', which means 'coffee' in the same way that Western languages would call it a caf.


Scientists decapitated some trained flatworms. They remembered their training after their heads grew back!

Flatworms are tiny creatures that can usually only be seen under a microscope. Scientists spent two weeks training them to get food by moving across a rough floor of a petri dish. Other worms were introduced, and the ones that had been trained on the rough floor were more comfortable with their environment and got to their food faster than the newly introduced worms. The trained worms then got their heads cut off!

Amazingly, when their heads grew back, the worms retained their training! After just one 'reminder' session, they reached their food much more quickly than worms who had never been trained at all. Despite all of this research, scientists actually have no idea how this is possible!



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