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The average life span of a major league baseball is 6-7 pitches.

If you’ve watched a lot of baseball, this might seem a little strange. It’s not terribly often that we see a baseball get destroyed during a major league game every inning. But there are a few reasons why this is so. First, the reason why we don’t often see them destroyed in game is because baseballs are often switched after they are hit or when the pitcher requests a different ball due to damage on the ball he is using. This is mostly due to convenience reasons because retrieving the same ball can be time consuming. 

In a July 6, 1998 article in the Denver Post, the official supplier of baseballs to all professionally baseball leagues in the United States shed some light on the subject. According to him, the reason the average lifespan of a ball is so short isn’t because it wears but because every foul ball is lost to the fans, every home run is lost, and whenever a ball is scuffed, the umpire discards it for batting practice. This makes things a little depressing for Screwie the talking baseball in the film Everyone’s Hero. 


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