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Thanks to a recent lesson on Tsunamis, a 10-year-old saved her family and 100 other people from the 2004 tsunami!

Tilly Smith, a 10-year-old girl from Surrey, was vacationing with her parents and 7-year-old sister in Phuket, Thailand. They were on the beach when the tide suddenly rushed out. The water began to bubble and the boats they could see on the horizon started bobbing crazily up and down.

Fortunately, Tilly had studied tsunamis two weeks before in a geography class. In fact, she had even completed a project on the giant waves. She recognized that they were seeing the warning signs of a tsunami, and they needed to get off the beach immediately.

Smith alerted her parents to what was happening, and they then spread the word amongst the rest of the vacationers on the beach. They also alerted the staff at their hotel, which was quickly evacuated. Overall, Smith saved her family and 100 other tourists from the violent tsunami.


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