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NASA wakes up Astronauts in space with cheeky and punny songs about space!

If you've followed the coverage of the latest Mars rover, you've probably seen the infamous mohawk guy that even got mention by the President of the United States. This just shows how awesome and fun it is to work at NASA. They have a great sense of humor, and their choice of wake-up music shows it. 

Since 1960, NASA has traditionally woken up astronauts in space with cheeky, light-hearted space related songs or sounds. They're usually picked by friends and family of crew members and includes all sorts of genres like rock, bluegrass, jazz, children's choruses and even dialog from movies and TV shows. 

Astronaut Kay Hire says that the songs offer 'an opportunity for levity and a bit of shared camaraderie. It tends to stand out as a human element in an otherwise complex technical enterprise.' Check out a list of some of the songs and sounds they've played for astronauts: 

  • Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World."
  • Tom Petty's "Free Falling"
  • The Beatles' "Here comes the Sun"
  • "Fly me to the Moon"
  • The themes for Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Piccard) announcing the 'voyage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis' as they explored the 'Final Frontier.'
  • The Muppets' "Pigs in Space."

Check out the full list at the source!


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