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Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school!

Few people look forward to going to school every day, but those who suffer from Didaskaleinophobia actually feel intense and continuous anxiety at the thought of attending class every day.

Children who possess this phobia can be bullied, suffer from learning disability, feel academically pressured (especially around exam time) or are even too bright and find it hard to stay engaged with the curriculum and their peers.

This phobia can cause intense anxiety, heart palpitation, nausea, and above all, profound and all-consuming depression. Incidentally, it can also induce suicidal thoughts.

Nowadays, there are many medications available for keeping this anxiety at bay, anti-depressants being one of them.

However, milder cases can be cured by sharing your feelings with someone you trust and then working together to devise a solution.


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