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Cows listening to music give more milk!

Having your utter pulled constantly can get a little bit stressful. Sometimes all you need is some nice, classical music to help you relax and “get the juices flowing.” So when farmers play classical or soft music in the cowshed, they receive about 1 extra pint of milk from their cows.

Some of the most popular hits are Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony and Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over a Troubled Water. Some farmers have even tried using this yield-increasing method on chickens. Supporting this practice is a study carried out by the LCAH Dairies in Linconshire and Bishop Burton Agriculture College in Humberside.

Researchers found that a cow’s milk yield rose by 3% a day when slow music, rather than fast or no music was playing. They came to the conclusion that in much the same way that music helps humans relax, it also helps animals relax. The group is now seeking further funding to continue their research on animal musical therapy.


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