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Beer hops are from the same plant family as marijuana!

Hops, like cannabis (marijuana), come from the hemp family Cannabaceae. Hops are flowers from a vine. Even though hops and marijuana are part of the same family, hops do not cause the same psychoactive effects as marijuana.
The effects of fermentation, and not the hops contribute to the effects beer has on the body. The hops in alcohol, while not contributing to a high or drunkenness, still play an important role. The acidity of the hops contribute to the bitter nature of beer as well as contributing oils that impacts how the beer tastes and smells.
Even more importantly, hops prevent the growth of some species of bacteria in alcohol. Other important ingredients in beer include malted barley and yeast. Since yeast is a micro-organism, you could say that beer is made from living creatures as well as flowers from the same family as weed. A pretty strange drink indeed!

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