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The original pronunciation of Shakespeare’s work reveals hidden messages!

The Globe Theater specializes in performing Shakespearian plays in their original pronunciation (OP). Although they opened in 1994, it took a while for them to mount these plays because they thought people wouldn't understand 400-year-old accents. However, after they performed Romeo and Juliet in OP, they became quite popular and they haven't looked back.

How did they revive a 400-year-old English accent? First, they looked at contemporary writing. Reviews and other writings about Shakespeare's plays would comment and make observations on how certain words rhymed and played together. The second is through spelling. Finally, there are rhymes and puns that don't work in our modern English, but do in Old English. The pronunciation itself reveals jokes and messages that are hidden to us now! If you want to learn some of them, check the source below.


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