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There is a sub-culture in Congo of men who dress and behave incredibly well as a form of protest!

The Crisis in Congo has already consumed more people that WW2, and yet it receives less attention than news of a cat being stuck in a tree. The country has been torn apart by the war, but it seems like one group manages to keep its fashion sense intact. 

They call themselves the “Sapeurs” and dress in tailored suits, smoke pipes, and wear immaculate food, against the backdrop of one of Congo’s many slums. This sort of lifestyle extends back to the 18th century; liberated slaves would dress and act in such a way as an expression of their freedom and dignity. 

Despite seeing the brutality of three civil wars, the Sapeurs of Congo remain non-violent, respectful, and considerate. Their motto is “Let’s drop our weapons, let us work and dress elegantly.” In a way, they are resisting the affects of the poverty that their nation has been overcome by.


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