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Theodore Roosevelt suffered from asthma as a child and the doctors prescribe smoking cigars and drinking whiskey! Not surprisingly, it did not work

When Theodore Roosevelt was a child he suffered from some serious illness. He had debilitating asthma, and the condition was not at all well understood at the time.

To treat his coughing and breathing problems, doctors prescribed anything from smoking cigars and drinking whiskey and coffee to vacations at the coast!

Of course the first three of these suggestions are now known to do more harm than good. His family tried all the suggested treatments, but not surprisingly, none of them worked.

Theodore also suffered from headaches, toothache and abdominal pains. Eventually it was decided to keep him confined indoors.

As a result he never really played with other kids his own age. He was privately tutored at home until he went to college.

His loneliness and isolation is probably what lead him to write down his experiences, thoughts and feelings in his journals. He continued writing in his journals until the night he passed away.

His father told him it is important to strengthen the body in order to strengthen the mind, and built him a gymnasium in the house.

Theodore also started taking boxing lessons because he was being taunted by some older boys.

Due to all this physical activity he started gaining strength, and eventually his asthma disappeared.


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