19 Totally Incredible Facts
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The Church of Scientology has their own secret compound!

Secrecy, conspiracy and Tom Cruise all have one thing in common: the Church of Scientology.

While many of the things that make their way to water cooler talk at work is unbased rumors, there is a compound in Riverside County, California that certainly raises a few eyebrows and makes you wonder how high your “thetan level” has to be to gain access.

The area is known as Gold Base (certainly more cryptic than your average church) and sits in the outskirts of southern California.

It's considered to be the international headquarters of the Church of Scientology, and it seems they have a bit of a security problem. The entire compound is heavily guarded with high, bladed fences, cameras, motion detectors, and armed guards.

The religion acquired the land, then a resort called Gilman Hot Springs, in 1978. It was bought in secret with cash until an alias.

The compound now houses the church's own movie studio, Golden Era Productions, high-ranking leader's homes, and church founder, L. Rom Hubbard's mans ion that is still being tended to, awaiting his reincarnation. And yes, Tom Cruise has visited the compound to study.


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