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Jerry Springer was born in a bomb shelter during WW2.

If you’re anything like me, all the peachy, adorable, childish views you had about the world vanished into thin air when you stumbled across the Jerry Springer Show one day after school. Incest, racism, family murder, phone sex, women pulling one another’s wigs off; the Jerry Springer Show has it all! But the one redeeming factor of The Jerry Springer Show is Jerry Springer himself, who can handle all the crazies without actually turning into a crazy himself. 

Now like his show, Jerry’s early childhood was pretty wild; but in a completely different way. His parents were German Jews who fled Berlin and took refuge in England. His grandparents and three close relatives were all killed in German extermination camps. Springer was born on February 13 1944 in the East Finchley station of the London Underground, which was being used as a bomb shelter. When the war ended, his parents took him to America.

His earliest memory is of sailing across the Atlantic and seeing the Statue of Liberty at the age of 5. That little boy eventually went on to become a lawyer, a Congress member, and the host of show in which you can earn yourself a$1 plastic necklace by flashing the entire studio audience.


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