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It costs more money to keep a prisoner in prison than to fund a student at Princeton!

Princeton University is an Ivy League school. It’s also known for being really expensive. In New Jersey, where Princeton is located, it costs $44,000 to house a prisoner for one year. It costs $37,000 for a student to go to Princeton for one year. The number of African Americans in college dorms is about 270,000 and the number in prison is about 820,000. There are about 16 million college students nationally and 2.3 million prisoners.

The U.S. is ranked number six in the world for degree attainment while ranking number one in incarcerations. Russia ranks number two in incarceration. Russia is actually number one in the world for degree attainment followed by Canada, Israel, Japan, and New Zealand is ranked fifth.

California has the highest cost per inmate in the U.S. at $48,214 spent each year per inmate. Plus seven in ten inmates will return to prison in the state of California, being the worst recitative rate in the U.S.


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