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In Churchill, Manitoba you have to trust your neighbor with your car. If not, he might be mauled by a polar bear.

Imagine living in such a tight community that every single person trusts each other, and not only that, they have to. Because if they don’t someone could end up getting mauled by a polar bear.

In Churchill, Manitoba, you have to trust each and every person around you not to steal your car. The reason is that if you lock it, you will be punished by the law. This is the only place in the world where there is a rule against securing your vehicle this way. However, the reason is a good one.

Because there are around 950 polar bears around the Hudson river, one of the inhabitants could be attacked and mauled at any second, and what is worse than running for your life only to discover that a spotted safe haven, some stranger’s car, is locked? The answer is next to nothing.

In an effort to prevent polar bear related deaths, the government of the area outlawed locked car doors to provide quick escapes from hungry, or aggressive beasts.


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