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Ever wondered where Sriracha hot sauce came from?

Most people, when they refer to Sriracha, just say something on the lines of, “That one Asian red color hot stuff,” but have you ever wondered just what it is? The name comes from Si Racha, which is a coastal city in the Chonburi Province of central Thailand. It is believed that the original sauce developed in the area as an accompaniment to local seafood dishes and was so delicious it quickly spread throughout Thailand and East Asia. 

The recipe itself is actually quite simple consisting of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. The brand most people recognize in America is Huy Fong Foods, with the rooster on the front and is actually not an Asian product. Actual Sriracha sauce is much runnier and less spicy. So where did our version come from?

The rooster was the astrological sign of the brand’s creator, David Tran. Tran grew up in Vietnam and slightly altered his sauce before bringing it to the United States. He wanted to make, “a hot sauce that would satisfy the cravings of nostalgic Vietnamese immigrants,” eventually making it so successful it now dominates hot sauce shelves and even rivals traditional condiments such as mustard and ketchup!


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