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Women in Utah could vote 50 years before other women. Congress took the right away because they were voting FOR polygamy!

So, Utah women gained the right to vote…twice. In 1870, women were given the right to vote by territorial legislature for the first time. Women didn’t even have to put forth any effort to get the right in Utah. It was simply given to them. A group of men who’d left the Mormon church were advocating for it and at the same time a group of anti-polygamists on the East were advocating for it, believing that women in Utah would vote to end plural marriages or at least to give them a voice.

After the women of Utah had the right to vote, Congress snatched it away from them through the Edmonds-Tucker anti-polygamy act in 1887. The women of Utah had done exactly the opposite of what the East coast anti-polygamy group thought they would do. They were actually voting in ways that promoted polygamy and favored the lifestyle. They were finally given the right again when women’s suffrage got into full swing and the state of Utah, not a territory any longer, wrote it into law in 1895.


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