19 Totally Mind-Blowing Facts
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William Tyndale was executed in 1536 for translating the Bible into English!

Tyndale was a scholar and translator and a leading figure in the Protestant Reform. He translated parts of the Bible from its original Greek and Hebrew into English.

He was the first to directly translate from the original text to English. He took advantage the new printing method that allowed him to distribute his work. The Roman Catholic Church took it as a direct threat as well as the English church and state.

Tyndale wrote a paper opposing the King’s divorce, too! He was arrested and put in jail in 1533. He was tried for heresy and choked, impaled, and burnt on the stake in 1536 for his actions. It is estimated that the King James Version of the Bible is 83% Tyndale’s in the New Testament translation and 76% his in the Old Testament.


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