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When King Louis XIV was offered biological weapons by an Italian chemist, he refused to buy it and paid the chemist an annual salary never to sell it to anyone else.

An Italian Chemist once came to Louis XIV with plans for the first bacteriological weapon which would give him the power to use an infectious biological agent to destroy entire towns without deploying a single army, buying a single gun, or even moving a single finger. 

Louis XIV refused instantly, and never used it against any European country. He guaranteed the scientist the highest possible amount anyone would be willing to pay, to keep his deadly discovery a secret. But like the very bacteria or fungi it employs, the news of biological warfare cannot be contained, and was eventually exposed and spread across the lands. 

Nowadays, some experts think biological warfare is inevitable. Needless to say, Louis XIV made a pretty wise decision. But before we create a national holiday or Facebook fan page for this guy, let it be known that he spent his nation’s riches on less noble things too, like building ridiculously extravagant palaces right in front of homeless French peasants. 


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