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USS Arizona veterans that served during Pearl Harbor have the option of being buried with the ship!

What a way to honor those who served during such a tragic time.

During the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII, soldiers on the USS Arizona fought valiantly to protect their country. As a result, out of the ship’s 1731 initial crew members, 1177 did not survive the attack.

However, those 554 soldiers who did survive may, at the end of their lives, choose to join their crewmates on the fallen Arizona.

Though not all veterans accept this offer, those that do are treated to a 21-gun salute, taps, and a flag dedication ceremony. The veteran is then submerged and buried with the ship.

In addition to the USS Arizona, the USS California, Utah, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Maryland were docked in Pearl Harbor during the attack.

During the attack, 2403 individuals were killed, 68 of whom were civilians. An additional 1178 were injured.

Kazuo Sakamaki, a Japanese naval officer, was captured during the battle and became the first WWII prisoner of war held by America.

In 1962, the USS Arizona was turned into a memorial of the attack and the many individuals who died during it. It is visited by over a million people every year.


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