19 Totally Incredible Facts
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The Domincan Republic offered to take in 100,000 Jewish refugees in 1938!

The Jewish people that had escaped from Germany had nowhere to turn, because most countries were unwilling to take in so many refugees. Dominican Republic however, offered to take in 100,000 Jews, but why?

Rafael Trujillo, a Dominican Republic leader, wanted Western Nations to forget the fact that he had massacred 25,000 of his own citizens in 1937 – the year before he offered to take in so many refugees.

Rafael Trujillo is also believed to have wanted his countries inhabitants to have ‘whiter’ skin, and believed the refugees would come to his country and marry the women and produce lighter skinned children – and they did.

Only 5,000 Jews accepted visas to go to the Dominican Republic, and of those 5,000 visas that were given out, only 645 Jews actually made it to the Dominican Republic. The Jews that did make it were given 80 acres of farm land, 10 cows, a mule and a horse.

Many of the refugees that decided to stay in the Dominican Republic have become extremely wealthy! Click the source to learn this story’s happy endings.


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