19 Totally Incredible Facts
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Steak tartare originated from meat that was tenderized under horse saddles

Mongolians used to eat raw meat that they kept under their saddles to tenderize. The same concept eventually became steak tartare.

Steak tartare is made of finely chopped or minced beef and is often made with choice cuts of strip steak. Historically speaking, the legend is that the dish is named after the Tatar people in Central Asia who ate raw meat as they rode their horses. They didn’t take the time to stop and eat and it is even said they kept the meat under their saddle to tenderize it.

It was made famous in France where they marinade the meat in wine and spices then chill it. It’s often served with onions, capers, and raw egg yolk! It’s thought of as a gourmet dish or a delicacy in many European countries. The fact that it is raw meat is alarming and really unhealthy. Health concerns in itself have caused for the dish to be somewhat less popular in some places, but it is still ok in others. So, next time you go to Europe, watch for the raw meat delicacies!


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