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President John Tyler still has two living grandchildren. Tyler was born in 1790!

We may be on to the 21st century, but John Tyler, a president born in the 18th century still has two grandchildren alive. These grandchildren are named Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. and Harrison Ruffin Tyler. 

Lyon was born in 1924 and Harrison was born in 1928. They are both the children of Lyon Gardiner Tyler. 

And if you’re saying to yourself, ‘so what?' consider that Abraham Lincoln, born in 1809, has no living descendants. John Tyler had many children. He had eight children with his first wife Leticia Christian Tyler: 5 daughters and 3 sons. Unfortunately, one of the daughters, Anne Tyler, died as an infant. 

With his second wife, Julia Gardiner Tyler, John Tyler had 7 children. One of those 7 children was Lyon Gardiner Tyler. Unfortunately for John Tyler, though he was successful in fathering many children, he was less successful as a president. 

Overall, historians consider Tyler a poor president. Still, Tyler’s name can still be found, especially in Virginia, where he was from. Several colleges, cities and roads carry his name. And, of course, Tyler lives on in his two living grandchildren. 


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