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Lyndon B. Johnson nicknamed his penis 'Jumbo' and showed it to his colleagues at the US Capitol!

Lyndon B. Johnson was famous for his gusto, ego, and energy. He wanted to be the best President in the history of the U.S. despite his crass ways. The man was unpredictable at times. Once, in a Spanish restaurant, he jumped up on the table and proceeded to stomp and do flamenco dancing. He was a skilled storyteller who used his facial expressions to bring his stories to life.

Johnson said that he kept himself on a leash. It was a very loose leash, however. He would pee in the House Office building parking lot when he felt the need to go. When a colleague would enter the bathroom as Johnson was using a stall, he would turn around and show it to him! He called his penis “Jumbo” and asked if anyone had seen one so big.

He’d even stand in the doorway of his office bathroom while making his assistants dictate what he was saying. Even when he was on the floor of the House and the Senate, he’d openly rummage around in his groin.


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