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In the original tale, Pinocchio kills the cricket and gets Geppetto in jail!

It isn't uncommon for fairy tales to have much darker original stories. Cinderella, Snow White and many other beloved fairy tales started out much scarier than their Disney versions. Pinocchio is no different it turns out. Italian author Carlo Collodi wrote the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio in Florence in the 1880s.

Today, it's a classic of children's literature. In the original story, Pinocchio is far meaner than his Disney counterpart. Not only does he kill the friendly cricket that tries to guide him (best known as Jiminy Cricket), he also has his father, Geppetto wrongfully imprisoned.

Pinocchio doesn't stop there. He goes on to ignore the advice of the ghost of the cricket to right his wrongs and steals money from Geppetto, bites off the hand of a cat and causes a snake to die from laughter.

The tale is obviously more complicated than the story that most of us know. Pinocchio continues to wreak havoc on his surroundings as the novel unfolds. It makes you wonder if this novel was really safe for children in the first place. Seems the Disney version is more appropriate.


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