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In World War II, Guinness heavily supported the troops by supplying financial support for families, education, scholarships, and more.

Guinness is well known for their habit of standing by the troops in desperate times. When World War I broke out, Guinness promised every one of their workers who went off to war that he would have his job waiting for him when he came home. Guinness even paid half of the man’s salary to his family while he was away to help support them. 

Guinness only grew this trend of support by the time the second World War broke out. Then, Guinness promised every British soldier that he would have a bottle of the famous dark stout for Christmas Day. So ambitious was that task that retirees came to the plant to help brew. Veterans then joined in, and finally other brewing companies sent workers over to help brew the Christmas beer. 

It’s been called one of the greatest moments of unity in Irish history. Those that stayed with Guinness through the Great Depression were also granted on site medical and dental care (as well as massage therapy). There were gymnasiums, athletic leagues, reading rooms, and even scholarships available. For those that died in the war, the company paid their full pension, helped with funeral expenses, and even paid for their child’s education. 

Oh, and on top of all of this, those who served in the war were granted two free pints a day. 


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