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In Hiroshima, there are permanent shadows caused by the intensity of the nuclear blast when the bomb was dropped.

Hiroshima was an event that left both the emotional shadows of tragedy and also permanent physical shadows on the landscape of Hiroshima, Japan. These shadows were created by the great force of the nuclear weapon. 

Thermal radiation travels in a straight line, which means that when it is blocked by an object it creates a shadow. These shadows still exist around Japan today. For example, the picture shows how a wheel blocked some of the radiation and created a shadow against the nearby wall. 

This was a very common occurrence across Japan. Sometimes, there were shadows left of people, but no bodies found. This resulted from the extreme heat of the explosion which vaporized the bodies, leaving the shadows behind.

The shadows are a unique occurrence from the nuclear explosion and they remain even after many years. These shadows stand by as a reminder of a horrific moment in history. They serve as a reminder of the value of human life. 


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