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After 9/11, the CIA used Eminem’s “Slim Shady” album as an interrogation method.


It certainly sounds too ridiculous to be true. In March 2002, the CIA had been authorized to use many new interrogation techniques, many of which were highly questionable. 

Probably the most well known of these is the process of waterboarding. It's a technique so effective, that the longest anyone has lasted before giving up information is between 2 and 2.5 minutes. Most only last around 14 seconds. 

It raises the question that if waterboarding is so effective, why would the CIA interrogate people with Eminem’s music? 

Apparently, the music was so foreign to those being interrogated that it made them feel frantic and uneasy, actually helping to bring out confessions. The idea is to play music so loudly that it unnerves the prisoners into giving up information. 

Here's some of the songs that have reportedly been used by the CIA: 

  • "Enter Sandman," Metallica.
  • "Bodies," Drowning Pool.
  • "Shoot to Thrill," AC/DC.
  • "Hell's Bells," AC/DC.
  • "I Love You," from the "Barney and Friends" children's TV show.
  • "Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen.
  • "Babylon," David Gray.
  • "White America," Eminem.
  • "Sesame Street," theme song from the children's TV show.



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