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A Sergeant in the Vietnam War single handedly killed more than 30 enemies while refusing to leave his injured comrades!

History is the home to heroic icons that are way more bad ass than any Bruce Willis movie ever. Sergeant Ed Eaton is one of those men.

After his helicopter was shot down by the Vietcong in 1969, Ed, Major Mike Perkins, and another group of soldiers found themselves critically wounded as the enemy approached.

Ed Eaton was the least injured of all the soldiers, and took it upon himself to grab his assault rifle, and a broken sniper rifle and try to hold off the enemy.

He positioned himself on top of the busted helicopter and began to open fire, alternative between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle to trick the enemy into thinking there were more men firing than there actually was.

A rescue helicopter picked up the wounded soldiers, but Mike Perkins was pinned down underneath wreckage from the previous helicopter crash.

He was given a grenade to use in case he was about to get captured. Ed Eaton, on the other hand, refused to let Perkins die alone with no hope of survival.

Ed Eaton stayed and saved his last two bullets for Perkins and himself. Luckily, the Vietcong began to retreat and another rescue helicopter was sent. They rescued both Ed and Mike!


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