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You Won't Believe What Brands Nestle Owns. Not Just Their Chocolate Empire, Even Pet Products!

Do you love the taste of Nestle’s chocolate chip cookies?

Maybe you love their Crunch bars. Well next time you’re eating their delicious chocolate treats, think of the other corporations they own. Maybe you’ll be willing to try their other products!

Nestle Corporation has a whopping 8,000 brands under their belt. These items are in the categories of: water, coffee, frozen food, pet care, nutrition, yogurt and much, much more.

They even own cereal brands like Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams and more!

Remember those delicious Wonderballs you may have had when you were a kid? Yep! Nestle Corporation owned that, too. They even cater to the eye-care niche.

Your pet may even owe a thanks to Nestle because of their brands such as Alpo, Beneful, Dog Chow, Purina and a plethora more.

So next time you’re in the grocery store and picking out your shopping list, take a gander at what brands are providing your items. You most likely will pick up something from Nestle!


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