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Verkhoyansk, Russia, has an average temperature of -50 degrees! How do they survive?

Verkhoyansk is a small town in Russia with a population of 1,311 people. The town's claim to fame is having exceptionally low climate temperatures during the winter. The average temperature during December, January, and February is a freezing -50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's one of the only places in the world that has recorded temperatures of BELOW -76 degrees Fahrenheit for EVERY DAY in January! During these months, the sun rises at 2p.m. And sets at 3p.m.!

Not only is the town unlucky with its weather, but also with the local wildlife. In January 2012, a pack of 400 wolves attacked the town, killing 313 horses and over 16,000 reindeer. Locals had to patrol the area on snowmobiles until government officials could intervene!


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