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There was a fake student officially enrolled at Georgia Tech in 1927 who accomplished some amazing things!

You are probably wondering how a fake person could be enrolled at a school, let alone accomplish anything, yet George P. Burdell has “achieved” feats most people only dream of!

William Edgar Smith first thought of the idea when he was enrolled at Georgia Tech. He originally thought it would be interesting to see how long he could keep it going without being caught. He enrolled his fictitious student in all the same classes that he took and named him George Burdell. Smith would do all the homework twice and slightly change the answers for Burdell.

By 1930, Burdell had earned a bachelor’s degree and only a few years later received a master’s. In the same year, he was inducted into the ANAK Society, which is Georgia Tech’s oldest secret society. Throughout his fake life, Burdell fought in World War II, served on Mad Magazine's Board of Directors, and was the leading candidate for Time's person of the year! He became a legend of sorts at Georgia Tech and his story is now told to all incoming freshman at the school!


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