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There Are Living Things That Survived The Hiroshima Blast And Were Less Than A Mile Away!

You must be thinking, “how could something survive the nuclear blast, so close while everything else died?” Well it’s true! The Ginkgo Biloba tree stood less than 2 1-2 miles from the Hiroshima blast and they still stand there today.

After they were hit with the nuclear blast, while charred, they soon recovered and have been healthy since shortly after the attack. Contrary to popular belief, these trees show no signs of deformations whatsoever and never have after being examined by scientists.

Less than a mile from the origin of the blast, there is a plaque in a memorial garden that states, “After the dropping of the bomb almost all giant trees in the garden were burnt. This Ginkgo is one of the trees that survived. Girth 4 m, 17 m, age about 200 years. The tree toppled because of the blast and the tree was pruned to prevent it from falling over."

A temple was also built around one of the surviving trees that has a plaque stating, “No More Hiroshima” on it. It has also been noted that it is an area for prayer and an international symbol.


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