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Super Glue can be used to close wounds!

Before we relate this awesome fact to you, we must advise you: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! So, with that being said, did you know that Super Glue can be used to close wounds?

It was first used for this purpose back in the Vietnam War when medics would use it to close soldiers’ wounds quickly to get them back to the battlefield. It was so useful for stemming bleeding that it was credited for saving many lives back then!

Today, many use the glue for this purpose including veterinarians and professional athletes. Sealing a small wound (like a paper cut) with Super Glue can reduce pain, quickly stop bleeding, and even reduce scarring!

Although possibly useful in emergencies, experts say not to use the glue for wounds as it can cause irritation, kill skin skills, and lead to other not-so-good side effects.

Dermabond is a safer alternative to Super Glue and has been given the okay by the FDA for the purpose of wound closure.


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