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Some McDonald’s Salads Have More Fat than Big Macs!

Ok, it’s late January. Who out there has stuck by your New Year’s resolution to get healthy and eat more salads? Well, if you’re still on track, congrats. But you better not eat a salad at Mickey D’s if you want to maintain your newly trim waistline.

Read on to learn some disturbing details. We’ve all done it…ordered the healthy-sounding salad option at McDonald’s in lieu of the Big Mac and fries because we’re trying to eat healthier. But did you know that the "healthiest" of McDonald’s salad offering packs a walloping 15.5 grams of fat? (And this is the grilled chicken option, by the way.) It also has 400 calories, 1000mg of sodium, and 13g of sugar. Eeeeek.

Now, let’s compare the unhealthiest salad (Caesar with crispy chicken and Caesar dressing) to the Big Mac and fries meal. Salad: 700 calories, 54g fat, 1,620mg sodium, 2g sugar. Big Mac and fries: 900 calories, 46g fat, 1,290mg sodium, 9g sugar. Not too much difference, right? Double Eeeek. So, if you’re in the market for a healthy lunch, you might want to skip the fast food salad. Or, you could just take off the chicken, croutons, cheese, bacon bits, dressing…


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