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'Juno' made its $6.5 million budget back in just 20 days, 19 of which were Limited Release!

Life may have still been tough for Juno, but it certainly wasn't for the filmmakers.

In 2007, 'Juno' was all the rage. A quirky little dramedy about the all too real problem of teenage pregnancy, director Jason Reitman's sophomore effort spoke to young Americans on an intimate level.

Unlike other movies of the time, 'Juno' was witty and sassy. It had characters that were charming and sad, funny and flawed. For many young people, even with all its odd dialogue choices and zany props, 'Juno' simply felt more real and relatable than anything else Hollywood was pushing out.

And, in response, the film's many fans pushed to make it a success.

In just 20 days, 19 of which were Limited Release, 'Juno' made back its entire $6.5 million budget. During its full theatrical run, the film grossed over $230 million.

The film was a hit among critics as well, landing on a variety of end-year Top 10 lists. Roger Ebert even declared it his favorite film of the year.

'Juno' was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Original Screenplay. It won Best Original Screenplay, but lost Best Picture and Best Director to 'No Country for Old Men' and Best Actress to 'La Vie en Rose'.


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