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Coming soon… prepaid gas?

There is a gas station in Minnesota that allows customers to pre-purchase bulk quantities of gasoline for a $1 membership fee, so instead of paying $4.00/gal, some customers are paying less than $1.00! First Fuel Bank, despite its name, is a gas station in Minnesota. It’s a very unique gas station though. While Americans across the country are struggling with the extremely high gas prices, First Fuel Bank is offering its lucky customers a much more affordable option.

At First Fuel Bank, customers can open a prepaid rolling account. With this account they can pre-buy gasoline in bulk and receive a discounted price with each fueling. They offer the best price possible without falling under the Minnesota Legal Minimum Pricing. Customers can also open a Prepaid Locked Account. With this account, they have the option to lock in a low price when gasoline is cheap.

You simply deposit money at a posted price and lock that price in for future use. The membership fee is only one dollar and with First Fuel’s prices, customers could end up paying only $1 per gallon of gas!


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