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A company called Holy Smokes will take your cremated ashes and place them in bullets!

Some people want to be buried in a cemetery, others want to have their ashes spread across an ocean, but some people, such as the founder of Holy Smokes, Thad Holmes, want to have their ashes loaded into 250 shotgun shells and used by their loved ones to hunt animals.

Thad is an avid outdoors man, and so is his son, and they both believe that the best way for his son to remember Thad is to use him once every year to hunt an animal. This simply bizarre idea evolved into a business ran by Thad called Holy Smokes.

Basically, people send the company their loved ones ashes, and in return, the company places the ashes in 250 shells (of the family's choosing) and then sends the shells back to the family to use. This one of a kind business charges $850 for their services.

After just a few months of the business being in operation, they already have a website and have had two different families use their services!


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