19 Totally Incredible Facts
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A brain surgeon had a heart attack in the middle of an operation. He powered through it to save his patient!

Doctor Claudio Vitale, 59, was in the middle of surgery removing a brain tumor on a patient when he had a heart attack. He started feeling chest pains halfway through the brain tumor surgery in Naples, Italy.

As the pain worsened his team told him that he needed emergency care, but he realized his patient wouldn’t survive if he stopped his work. So, Dr. Vitale powered through the pain! He agreed to take a blood test that proved he was having heart issues. He wouldn’t leave his patient, though.

Half an hour after finishing the surgery, Dr Vitale had an angioplasty procedure to treat an angina attack, or they unblocked an artery. Both Dr Vitale and his patient recuperated nicely and Dr Vitale returned to work thereafter.

Dr Vitale said he is no hero, but was only doing his duty. That is a doctor most people would be lining up to have.


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